These days, many of the headlines about TV networks’ advanced advertising technology solutions concern big national players.

But, under the hood of the TV industry, local players still have tremendous value.

So says a man whose technology is helping local TV providers bring more value, in turn, to their advertisers.

Value in local

“If we help the broadcast groups that are working with local media and linear get into the streaming world where humans are going, their businesses will flourish, and so will ours,” says Adam Helfgott, CEO of MadHive.

Helfgott’s company sells enterprise software to broadcast companies traditionally working with linear TV workflows.

“The local station groups and the products that they provide their consumers are such a value-add and would be a real shame if everything got homogenised into one large system,” he says.

“Their work is providing very value-add news and insights into communities themselves on a detailed level, which would normally get overlooked.”

Local reach extension

To continue advancing that news and insight into a digital viewing world, MadHive offers what it calls “local reach extension”, offered to customers like Tegna, Fox, E.W. Scripps and NBC.

“What isn’t changing is the consumers need to understand what’s going on in their community and be able to have the culture of their community be represented in the media at home,” Helfgott says.

“I’m really proud to be part of continuing that legacy.

“As humans are moving to streaming, they want their sales forces to sell this new product. It’s called local reach extension, and … fits really, really nicely in with the enterprise workflows of big broadcast groups.”