Unleashing Programmatic Potential in the Live Streaming Revolution

MIAMI — As eyeballs migrate en masse to streaming services, industry leaders are grappling with the challenges and opportunities. While much consumption has moved to on-demand, where programmatic and targeted ads excel, live TV remains a big draw. So how can live TV benefit from programmatic tricks? In this video interview with Beet.TV at POSSIBLE […]


MadHive Almost A Unicorn With $300 Million Goldman Sachs Investment

MadHive is valued at almost $1 billion after receiving a $300 million private equity investment from Goldman Sachs to accelerate its connected TV advertising platform. The company, which had only raised $7 million previously, is aiming to help broadcasters move off an “antiquated” software stack for ad sales and delivery. In this video interview with […]


Keep It Simple: How Madhive Welcomes Local Advertisers To CTV

SAN JUAN, PR — When Craig Berlingo gives local advertisers new super-powers, he doesn’t necessarily want them to have to read an instruction manual. The marketing capabilities on offer through new connected TV services are a step-change from traditional local advertising norms. But Berlingo, CPO, Madhive, says it is imperative ad-tech can simplify those powers […]


The Big Screen Is Back: Madhive’s Dumont Sees TV Rising

SAN JUAN, PR — For a while, it looked like the future of media was in the palm of your hand. Now it could be shifting back to the wall. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Luc Dumont, SVP, Business Development, Madhive, explains why he thinks the advertiser momentum is moving back to the TV. […]


Local Is Cool Again: Madhive’s Marino On The New TV Ad Energy Center

Local TV is a hotbed of energy once again as MVPDs tool-up their offering, buyers grow more sophisticated and the wider environment calls for more spending. That’s according to one executive who has been close to the local market despite the last few years of national momentum. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Joe Marino, […]


Household Targeting Can Teach Digital New Tricks: MadHive’s Berlingo

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico  — The last couple of decades of digital ad targeting have tended to focus on individual users. After all, targetable devices tended to have solitary users. But the new internet-enabling of television changes that, and Craig Berlingo thinks that can make digital targeting better. Best of both In this video interview […]


Building Local’s Toolbelt In TV’s Third Renaissance: MadHive’s Marino

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – If big national TV companies and brands had been struggling to move beyond linear television, spare a thought for local operators. They have much to gain, but have typically been hampered by lagging adoption of key TV ad-tech and relatively more complicated systems challenges. In this video interview with Beet.TV’s […]


Simple Is Hard: MadHive’s Berlingo Smoothes CTV Ad Complexity

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – The idea seems so simple – reach the right audience, through the richest screen in the house. But, for many ad buyers, embracing the real potential of connected and over-the-top TV (CTV and OTT) is proving harder than it looks, In this video interview with Beet.TV, Craig Berlingo, Chief Product […]


Local CTV Ads Are Hot: MadHive’s Helfgott

If the acquisition of US TV station operator Tegna by Standard General for $5.4 billion is anything to go by, local TV can still be big business. Although it has lagged national ad sales’ increasing use of advanced TV targeting tactics on some fronts, lighting up local with similar capabilities is a fascinating and lucrative […]


Local TV Is Alive With Value: MadHive’s Helfgott

These days, many of the headlines about TV networks’ advanced advertising technology solutions concern big national players. But, under the hood of the TV industry, local players still have tremendous value. So says a man whose technology is helping local TV providers bring more value, in turn, to their advertisers. Value in local “If we […]


More National Brands Executing TV Locally: Premion’s Wilson

While discussions about consumer identity graphs “are continuing to emerge,” TEGNA’s Premion has been working on two of them. One is in conjunction with 4INFO and the other, for connected-TV devices, is with MadHive, according to Premion President Jim Wilson. 4INFO has long made custom identity graphs for Premion to identify certain audiences, Wilson explains […]


TV Buying Must Go Digital, And Blockchain Can Help: MadHive’s Helfgott

The TV ad-buying landscape remains a highly analog business – but, no sooner have digital platforms begun making in-roads to the process, already the newfangled technology of blockchain is staking its claim. After a year or two of talk and theory, now several vendors are out there, promising to enhance media-buying transparency with blockchain, a […]