Local CTV Ads Are Hot: MadHive’s Helfgott

If the acquisition of US TV station operator Tegna by Standard General for $5.4 billion is anything to go by, local TV can still be big business. Although it has lagged national ad sales’ increasing use of advanced TV targeting tactics on some fronts, lighting up local with similar capabilities is a fascinating and lucrative […]


Local TV Is Alive With Value: MadHive’s Helfgott

These days, many of the headlines about TV networks’ advanced advertising technology solutions concern big national players. But, under the hood of the TV industry, local players still have tremendous value. So says a man whose technology is helping local TV providers bring more value, in turn, to their advertisers. Value in local “If we […]


TV Buying Must Go Digital, And Blockchain Can Help: MadHive’s Helfgott

The TV ad-buying landscape remains a highly analog business – but, no sooner have digital platforms begun making in-roads to the process, already the newfangled technology of blockchain is staking its claim. After a year or two of talk and theory, now several vendors are out there, promising to enhance media-buying transparency with blockchain, a […]