Advertisers have more ways to reach audiences who are consuming media on a wider variety of devices, including smart TVs, tablets and mobile phones. Fox Entertainment aims to help brands to connect with consumers, whether they watch traditional linear TV or streaming video services like Tubi, which parent company Fox Corp. bought last year.

“Tubi has changed the game for us,” Suzanne Sullivan, executive vice president of sales at Fox Entertainment, said in this interview with Beet.TV. “You’ve got the breadth of the Fox Entertainment and the Fox broadcast network … but then Tubi, which provides incremental reach and scale on its own, also allows us to go deep for advertisers.”

With millennials driving the cord-cutting trend, the audience for streaming services tends to be younger. The median age of a Tubi viewer is 37, compared with 56 for Fox’s broadcast network. As an ad-supported video on demand (AVOD) service, Tubi offers programming for free to viewers, including those who don’t want to pay for another streaming video subscription.

“For our advertising partners, what’s the best part about the marriage of Fox and Tubi, unlike all of our competitors, is that it’s 100% accessible to them because we’re fully ad-supported,” Sullivan said. “We’re giving advertisers access to these viewers.”

Fox offers a variety of advertising packages, depending on the needs of marketers to reach target audiences whose media consumption habits differ by device and content. Its programming includes everything from movies and shows to live sports and news.

“We like to think we can provide all of the tools and all of the scale that all of our competitors do, but we do it in a much more custom, client-centric way to really be able to provide an advertisers with exactly what they might need,” Sullivan said.

At this year’s upfront, brands are looking to not only connect with viewers on different platforms, but also to reach diverse audiences.

“A lot of advertisers are looking this year for diversity of characters and diversity of storylines. A lot of our shows, especially the new shows we’re rolling out this next year, will speak to that,” Sullivan said. “The exponential, booming growth of AVOD is also something that every one of our clients is very interested in this year.”