DENVER – As television advertising becomes more addressable and its creative becomes more personalized for households, the volume of commercials is expected to grow dramatically in the next few years. That growth will make automation of ad management a necessity for marketers, agencies and media channels.

Amid the demand for streamlined work flows, Comcast Technology Solutions (CTS) this month began a technology integration with ad-serving and analytics company Flashtalking. The integration helps to unify media buy systems, creative asset libraries, rights management and traffic and delivery engines into a single platform.

The integration “allows us to…bridge that linear and digital divide,” Richard Nunn, vice president and general manager of advertiser solutions at CTS, said in this interview with Beet.TV. “Then we tap into Flashtalking, which then allows that creative asset in the right format to be sent and served by Flashtalking across all the digital endpoints that they cover.”

The integration also gives advertisers a holistic view of their video advertising on linear and digital channels.

“This is a great jumping-off point because what it will do then is with the real-time nature of digital, we might see a specific ad version in the digital space,” Nunn said. “That can start to inform maybe what linear ads we’re then serving in terms of speed and response. We’re starting to get into that virtuous positive circle of addressability and performance.”

“The reality is that within the industry, there’s a siloed approach with the linear world and the digital world. We’ve bridged that gap,” Nunn said. “All the conversations we’ve had in the industry, both brand-direct and agency — it solves a massive pain point for them.”

Agnostic Platform for All

Although CTS is owned by cable and media giant Comcast, it provides solutions to the buy-side and sell-side of multiplatform global advertising.

“We’re completely agnostic. It’s a technology play,” Nunn said. “There’s a lot of point-based technological solutions out there, so we’re trying to be a unifier.”

Nunn foresees further development with addressable advertising that will make it more personalized and responsive to viewers, giving advertisers more insights into how to optimize their campaigns across linear and digital platforms.

“That is the next bastion to crack in a world of emerging addressability across channels,” Nunn said. “We’re really excited about that next hurdle.”