Everyone wants better data. The trouble is, with so many platforms to measure, getting a holistic understanding is proving challenging.

Now there is a burgeoning number of vendors aiming to capture viewer behavior from across multiple media screen types.

In this interview with Beet.TV, Irwin Gottlieb says the quest continues.

The former GroupM global CEO says: “If I put my media buyer hat on, my media investment hat on, I think the quality of data needs to be scrutinized.

“I think the winner in the space will be the party that takes the cable set top box data combines it with smart TV data, and OTT sources, and VOD sources, and DVR sources, and stacks the whole thing. Because linear is not going away.

“It is heading towards a bottoming out at circa 30% of all media consumption, but that is still many, many years away. And getting a glimpse of one component of viewing isn’t enough. You’ve got to roll it all up.”

This video is part of the Beet.TV series title the Road to CES 2020, a preview of the topics expected to be explored in Las Vegas in January.  The series is presented by Samsung Ads.  For more videos please visit this page