LAS VEGAS — Almost three months after AT&T’z Xandr acquired clypd to be the latest piece of its digital advertising machine, clypd – a TV ad technology supplier – says it is focused both on the near term and the longer term.

Speaking with Beet.TV in this video interview at the Consumer Electronics Show, chief strategy officer Jason Burke explains the next steps.

Near term

“A lot of what we’re doing right now continues to be business as usual,” Burke says. “Several of the major cable network families are relying on clypd for their data-driven linear sales offerings – we need to continue to support that, listen to the market, understand what it needs.

“We’ve already started this work, to work alongside our new teammates at Xandr to bring the strong assets and data and advertising technology from the Xandr side alongside clypd to deliver on a convergence vision.”

Longer term

Burke says he is focused on helping broadcast groups provide advertisers with better data, so that they can more accurately target ads sold upfront against linear TV.

“Decisioning (on) advertising (for linear TV) is happening far in advance of when those advertisings will actually air – sometimes, a year in advance,” Burke says. “So key pieces to our platform at clypd have been forecasting viewership of advance audiences.

“Think about what a brand like Starbucks is looking for. They’re not actually really looking for adults 18 to 49. What they want are, (for example), decaffeinated coffee drinkers.

“What clypd has been focused on is leveraging data to forecast where that strategic audience, decaffeinated coffee drinkers, (will be) watching programmes in the future, and using that as an input to assemble and optimise a TV plan to reach that audience.”