Now Part of Xandr, clypd Enters Next Phase

LAS VEGAS — Almost three months after AT&T’z Xandr acquired clypd to be the latest piece of its digital advertising machine, clypd – a TV ad technology supplier – says it is focused both on the near term and the longer term. Speaking with Beet.TV in this video interview at the Consumer Electronics Show, chief […]


SpotX And clypd Integrate Platforms With Discovery, Fox Among First Partners

SpotX and clypd are integrating their platforms to enable media owners to manage audience-targeting campaigns across linear television, digital video and OTT using common audience targets. “The workflow capabilities are not to be understated. This is often a huge pain point for media owners,” says SpotX CRO Sean Buckley. “And also as we get into […]


Commonality Of TV Audience Segments Will Ease Buying Friction: Nielsen’s Abcarian

Because there is no fluidity of audience-based television buying to insure a common, consistent definition across buyers and sellers, friction is the byproduct. “And I think that’s what’s going to drive frictionless buying. Education and a common language so that everyone is speaking against that common building block,” says Nielsen’s Kelly Abcarian. The SVP of […]


Clypd Begins Decoupling Its Tech To Expand Clients: Burke

SAN FRANCISCO — Since it started in 2012, supply-side platform Clypd has focused on building an ad sales platform for TV owners. It has started to unpack its technology, making it available to a wider set of customers. That started this month, when Nielsen launched Advanced Audience Forecasting, a tool for TV audience forecasting, built on […]


The ‘P Word’ & The Automated Future Of TV: A Panel Debates w/ Videology, Clypd & DataXu

If programmatic advertising technology means automation, what place does programmatic have the in the increasingly digital TV business? Unlike the typical picture of programmatic which most people have, TV ads are sold upfront, ahead of time, rather than in real-time. What could TV possible want with programmatic. A panel convened by Beet.TV discusses the options… […]


Digital & TV Sales Teams Are Merging, Clypd’s Burke Sees

MIAMI — “Never the twain shall meet”, the saying goes. But, in the historically-separate worlds of TV and online ad sales, the walls are finally starting to come down. “Convergence is a word that comes up in every single panel that we’re all at, but convergence is real,” says Jason Burke, VP of strategic development […]


Clypd Joins SpotX, Tivo to Sell Growing TV “Scatter” Ad Market

LAS VEGAS —  With data provided by Tivo Research and selling software from SpotX, Clypd is powering “reach extension” for national advertisers on cable  networks in what is becoming a more robust “scattered” marketplace, explains Mark Mitchell Chief Relationship Officer of Clypd in this interview with Beet.TV. This video is part of Beet.TV’s coverage of International […]


Clypd, SpotX Work On Cross-Screen Ad Impressions

Clypd, a television ad targeting optimization platform vendor, will soon unveil a new multi-screen advertising initiative resulting from its recent investment by European broadcast group RTL. Chief relationship officer Mark Mitchell tells Beet.TV, in this video interview, the company is working with SpotX, which just rebranded from SpotXchange. RTL invested $144m in SpotXchange in 2014 and $19.4m in […]


Clypd Sees Big Upside in Automating the TV Sell Side

NAPA, CA – Clypd, the Boston-based start-up, that has raised $13 million in funding, is focused on the sales automation of TV advertising inventory of broadcasters and MVPD’s. In June the company announced its integration with a  number of digital video platforms, allowing companies including TubeMogul, Turn and Google. to buy TV ads through the […]


clypd Fuelled Up To Bring Programmatic Ads To TV

clypd may have recently taken on $7.2 million in VC funding to build out its ambition to bring data-driven advertising to television – but an exec says things are moving faster than anticipated. “We have a total $10.5 million (in investment) – this is being used to build out the team, build out the platform,” […]