What does $150 million get you in ad-tech these days? If you are the new-look LiveRamp, it gets you Data Plus Math – the price which the reconstituted Acxiom is reportedly paying for the Boston-based data-matching company.

But, if you a rival of Data Plus Math, that eye-popping deal isn’t a threat, it’s to be welcomed.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Jo Kinsella, TVSquared chief revenue officer, issues a message to Data Plus Math.

“We were actually really happy about that deal because it brings performance (advertising) to the forefront,” she says. “I think we feel like we’ve been talking about it for a long time. I’ve sat on a ton of panels and said, ‘This is the way the world is moving’. I think the acquisition of Data Plus Math really proves that that’s kind of what the industry wants and needs.”

Data Plus Math works when marketers add its “TV Pixel” to their websites or apps. The company links tracked in-app or on-web activity to ad exposure data from millions of US homes, effectively supporting attributing ad views to website or checkout conversion.

Kinsella’s own TVSquared helps brands learn how TV advertising is driving traffic to their websites.

One of the company’s two main software pieces is ADvantage, a platform providing offering insight in to how each TV impression drives revenue through online, mobile and second screen for advertisers looking for accurate same-day TV attribution.

The company’s Predict tool helps advertisers automate the creation of their buy specifications based on predictive analysis of historical attribution data that is optimized, whether the objective is to generate sales, registrations, web site visits or any other kind of response.

Kinsella thinks all performance’s boats are rising.

“Performance is hot because it’s all about return on (advertisers’) investment,” she says. “Tying performance back to business outcomes, I think the advertiser base is now demanding that. Finally, it feels like the industry is a turning point.

“This kind of pivotal direction that we’re now heading in, which is we want to be able to measure … we want to be able to optimize in the same way that we do (in) digital for TV, and that’s why we’re here.”

This video is from a Beet.TV series titled TV: Now an Outcome-Driven Medium. For more segments, please visit this page. This series is presented by TVSquared.