Earlier this month, Rocket Fuel’s new owner made a second splash after the acquisition, when it offered ad buyers “total transparency” in to their campaign spending.

Sizmek‘s move followed a year in which transparency became advertisers’ biggest concern – and vendors rushed to profess their transparency credentials.

So what exactly is the solution to transparency concerns? Take a pinch of ad server, sprinkle in a hint of DSP, a dollop of DMP, a flavor of contextual classification, topped of by a generous helping of artificial intelligence, according to Sizmek CEO Mark Grether.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, he says: “We stay on top of every single media plan, we collect tremendous amount of data about campaigns, impressions, clicks, conversions, you name it.

“You then bundle that with all the consumer data that you can collect using our DMP. You have, then, contextual data about Peer39. We know whether a red ad performs better than a blue ad because we actually served the creative and we have the cost in our DSP.

“So we basically have all five data elements, which are key to optimize a campaign in one single stack.”

Back in September, Sizmek acquired Rocket Fuel in a deal that reset expectations for the ad-tech outlook, closed a chapter on Rocket Fuel and gave Sizmek access to power artificial intelligence power.

“We spent the … fourth quarter of last year on bringing both organizations together and I think we have basically done 95% of that,” Grether tells Beet.TV. “So it’s really now one organization under one leadership team and integrated one sales organization, one operations organization.”