Reconsolidation In Programmatic’s Third Decade: Sizmek’s Koran

PHOENIX — Twenty-five years after the first web banner ad was supposedly sold, the digital advertising business has come a long way. It took just a couple of years, after HotWired sold the ad to AT&T manually, for software to be applied to ad sales. Now in what the DMP managing director of ad-tech vendor […]


Before Scale, Addressable TV Finds Its Place: Alphonso, Sizmek, Beachfront, Innovid Weigh In

SAN JUAN — The value promised by connected TV systems offering addressable advertising always seemed to be that ad buyers could precision-target the viewer they want to reach. So why are so many advertisers either spending so little or using addressable for a different purpose? In this panel discussion at Beet Retreat, a cast of […]


Buy-Side Platform Sizmek Testing Its ‘Video Extension’ To Television

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico—An early entrant in digital marketing, independent buy-side platform Sizmek has been eyeing its near-term future from a “video extension perspective” as its reach moves beyond web video to television. It was a logical move considering the big shift in video viewing to big screens, according to Managing Director of Product Hardeep […]


On Rocket Fuel Anniversary, Sizmek’s Grether ‘Puts AI On Steroids’

COLOGNE — When Sizmek acquired Rocket Fuel in 2017, it was a deal that reset expectations for the ad-tech outlook, closed a chapter on Rocket Fuel and gave Sizmek access to power artificial intelligence power. On the first anniversary of that acquisition, Sizmek says the company can now offer a tightly integrated, native AI capability for his […]


Powered By AI Insights, Sizmek Offering Will Unite Advanced-TV Inventory

COLOGNE – The world’s largest independent buy-side advertising platform, Sizmek, says it will roll out an advanced-television solution that fully integrates linear, addressable and connected-TV advertising inventory. It will be powered by artificial-intelligence insights derived from digital advertising to TV for optimal targeting, reach and frequency across full campaigns. In this interview today at the […]


GDPR Means Worry, Pain, Renaissance & Opportunity: Sizmek’s Grether

After the looming final deadline for compliance with new European data privacy legislation, advertisers will find it harder to measure their campaigns and will return to a more traditional method of placing their ads. That is the view from the boss of one of the leading ad-tech platforms, Sizmek CEO Mark Grether. In this video […]


Advertisers Want Total Transparency: Sizmek CEO Grether

Earlier this month, Rocket Fuel’s new owner made a second splash after the acquisition, when it offered ad buyers “total transparency” in to their campaign spending. Sizmek‘s move followed a year in which transparency became advertisers’ biggest concern – and vendors rushed to profess their transparency credentials. So what exactly is the solution to transparency […]