Uber Advertising Embraces First-Party Data, Diverse App Portfolio

LAS VEGAS — As 2024 shapes up to be the year Google finally began switching off cookies, some companies are growing their advertising, instead, by leveraging their own user data. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Mark Grether, VP, General Manager, Uber Advertising, says his company allows advertisers to harness user data from Uber’s range […]


Uber’s New Formats Light Up Ad Screens, From Back Seat To Entrée

SAN JUAN, PR — To many, it is the app you use to book a cab or a meal. To Mark Grether, it is a gigantic new advertising opportunity. Uber claims 131 million people use its apps each month, and its Uber Advertising division is working to turn many of those screens into ad inventory. The […]


Uber Plans to Expand Ad Platform with In-Car Video Tablets: Uber’s Mark Grether

LAS VEGAS – Uber Technologies Inc. this month will expand its burgeoning advertising platform with the rollout of mobile tablets in ride-share vehicles that show videos to passengers. The company is introducing the service in Los Angeles and San Francisco, with plans to expand worldwide. “We cannot only show you a short-form video clip, a […]


On Rocket Fuel Anniversary, Sizmek’s Grether ‘Puts AI On Steroids’

COLOGNE — When Sizmek acquired Rocket Fuel in 2017, it was a deal that reset expectations for the ad-tech outlook, closed a chapter on Rocket Fuel and gave Sizmek access to power artificial intelligence power. On the first anniversary of that acquisition, Sizmek says the company can now offer a tightly integrated, native AI capability for his […]


Powered By AI Insights, Sizmek Offering Will Unite Advanced-TV Inventory

COLOGNE – The world’s largest independent buy-side advertising platform, Sizmek, says it will roll out an advanced-television solution that fully integrates linear, addressable and connected-TV advertising inventory. It will be powered by artificial-intelligence insights derived from digital advertising to TV for optimal targeting, reach and frequency across full campaigns. In this interview today at the […]


GDPR Means Worry, Pain, Renaissance & Opportunity: Sizmek’s Grether

After the looming final deadline for compliance with new European data privacy legislation, advertisers will find it harder to measure their campaigns and will return to a more traditional method of placing their ads. That is the view from the boss of one of the leading ad-tech platforms, Sizmek CEO Mark Grether. In this video […]


Advertisers Want Total Transparency: Sizmek CEO Grether

Earlier this month, Rocket Fuel’s new owner made a second splash after the acquisition, when it offered ad buyers “total transparency” in to their campaign spending. Sizmek‘s move followed a year in which transparency became advertisers’ biggest concern – and vendors rushed to profess their transparency credentials. So what exactly is the solution to transparency […]


Xaxis’ Grether Expects Programmatic TV Early In 2016

So far, “programmatic” technologies for targeting and automating online ad buying have revolutionized the display ad segment. They have also made big in-roads in to video ads. Whilst few expect such a big bang in the television sector any time soon, WPP’s programmatic unit Xaxis expects to have its technology on-stream by the start of 2016. […]


Xaxis’ Turbine Differentiated By Data: Grether

COLOGNE — GroupM’s programmatic ad-trading technology division Xaxis reckons its recently-announced Data Management Platform (DMP) – codenamed Turbine – one-ups rivals’, as video advertising booms. “We built it from the ground up … it allows us to get data that only we can have access to,” Xaxis global COO Mark Grether tells Beet.TV in this […]


Xaxis’ Grether: Programmatic Video Stragegy Differs Between U.S. and Europe

COLOGNE — It may be a global industry, but advertisers in the US and Europe exhibit different approaches to the programmatic, automated ad targeting prospect that is now revolutionizing video ad buying, says one company in the know. “In the US, it’s all about performance,” Mark Grether, COO of Group M’s in-house data targeting agency […]