Roku is going all in on measurement of both streaming and linear television with a suite of tools called Roku Ad Insights, which includes the ability for advertisers to quiz viewers on-screen.

“Measurement is essential to moving OTT forward within the media and advertising space,” says Dan Robbins, Head of Ad Research & Insights, Roku, in this interview with Beet.TV. “Our mission is to be the operating system of television.”

As the #1 streaming platform, Roku wants to “create advertising with light ad loads, engaging interactive experiences that bring the best of TV, the branding and safety of the living room screen, with the best of digital,” Robbins says.

Roku Ad Insights consists of:

Reach Insights, wherein advertisers can quantify unique campaign reach by demographic segments across linear TV, OTT, desktop and mobile.

Tune-In Insights, so that TV networks and content owners can measure the effectiveness of content promotions they run across linear TV, OTT, desktop and mobile. “If you’re running a promo for a show on Roku, what’s the lift on traditional TV, or if you watch a promo on traditional TV what’s that lift back on streaming,” Robbins explains.

Cord Cutter Insights, for campaigns delivered to Roku users who don’t have traditional pay TV subscriptions so that advertisers can “validate that your one-to-one targeting actually reached that that cord-cutter cohort.”

Survey Insights, which enables marketers to gather real-time feedback and demographic insights with short, on-device viewer surveys. Insights can include “how these folks think, who they are, what they like, how they receive and interact with advertising,” says Robbins.

Roku is working with more than a dozen advertisers on the Ad Insights Suite, according to Robbins.

In addition to registration data about Roku users on a household basis and streaming data about programs and advertisements, the company’s TV sets have automatic content recognition capabilities to track linear TV program consumption and ad viewing.

A news release announcing the Roku Ad Insights Suite quotes Marissa Jimenez, President of GroupM’s Modi Media, as saying that the offerings “allow us to better understand how OTT ads perform compared to other platforms, which in turn can influence media spend.”