Nielsen is giving its media clients a standardized way of measuring their content viewing on distribution heavyweights Hulu, Facebook and YouTube with the latest expansion of its Digital Content Ratings. Participating TV and digital publisher clients can now capture incremental viewing of their content within their reported audience numbers.

They will receive credit for video distributed on Facebook and YouTube within Digital Content Ratings, while Hulu will be providing select media partners with credit for current series content distributed on the platform, Nielsen said in a release.

“What we’re announcing is the ability to credit viewership to content when it’s distributed on Hulu, on Facebook and YouTube back to the media property that originated or created that piece of content,” Jessica Hogue, SVP, Product Leadership at Nielsen says in this interview with Beet.TV. “It demonstrates that we have the flexibility in our framework to be able to adapt our measurement to those new viewing environments.”

Nielsen’s move is in response to “a big theme that we hear from our media clients” regarding the need to provide measurement for distributed platforms, Hogue says.

Nielsen will provide content owners and distributors with the same visibility to data for all distributed video content.

“We do it in a standardized way and it gives our clients confidence that when we add those viewing impressions back into the measurement that they’re getting full coverage,” Hogue adds.

There’s no limitation in terms of the genre or the types of content Nielsen will measure on Facebook, Hulu and YouTube.

“Of course there’s always going to be a demographic skew. We look for all of those elements to be able to give texture to the story in context of where they might have watched that content somewhere else,” Hogue says.