With so many consumers engaging with content from big living room screens to mobile devices, it’s hard to visualize how to target them individually much less in a coordinated fashion. This is why AT&T AdWorks has just unveiled its new AT&T AdWorks Lab in Manhattan’s Rockefeller Center.

The new AT&T AdWorks Lab is designed to show advertisers, agencies and other media professionals the future of media consumption and how marketers can most efficiently reach their targets across any platform. The experience starts in the Living Room of the Future then continues on a journey through 3,000 square feet of top-of-the-line technology.

“There’s a tremendous need for more education about emerging media in the space,” Maria Mandel Dunsche, VP, Head of Marketing, AT&T AdWorks, explains in this interview with Beet.TV. “Clients, agencies, they’re all clamoring for more information. I think that technology and the pace of change is moving quicker than anyone can handle.”

The key areas of the interactive space center on cross-screen viewing, programmatic media buying, the shift from contextual-based to audience-based targeting—with an emphasis on addressable and data-driven linear TV—along with branded content and entertainment and virtual/augmented reality.

“We want people to come into the space, to feel smarter after they leave,” says Dunsche. “We want them to be inspired. We want to get them really excited and interested to do more in emerging media.”

Visitors to the lab also can learn more about IoT, climb into the driver’s seat of a connected car and experience a VR adventure based on AT&T’s latest ad campaign involving a personalized trip to outer space, as MediaPost reports.

Other demos visitors will experience at the AT&T AdWorks Lab include:

• AT&T AdWorks’ new Data-Driven Linear TV advertising product

• Addressable TV and Cross-Screen Advertising

• AT&T AdWorks’ Video Inventory Platform™ (VIP)

• Interactive Data Visualization Mapping TV Viewing Behaviors, OOH & Location-based Data Visualizations