CANNES — The ongoing digital explosion is shaking up operations for publishers and broadcasters around the world, and that means recalibrating the skills you need in your team.

What does that mean for one of the world’s biggest business information media companies? Asked by Mindshare NA Chief Stategy Officer Jordan Bitterman for Beet.TV, Bloomberg Media global chief revenue officer Paul Caine summarized the key recruitment areas for focus:

  • “Our data science and insights team is an incredibly important growth area for us.”
  • “Building out capabilities that make the usability and advertisers better.”
  • “Custom content – we launched the Bloomberg Media Studios about a month ago – a full-service custom content engine, specific to video.”
  • “We’re a multi-platform organization – we need people who know how to story-tell in a multi-platform  format, but also know how to interact with our advertisers through multi-platform.”

That approach may be paying dividends. Bloomberg Media overtook Yahoo! Finance and IBT Media in comScore’s Business and Finance video category to become the global leader in digital video for the first time in the company’s history this week. The company says its video audience has boomed 337% in the last year.

But, although Bloomberg is doing more and more with digital video, Caine says that doesn’t mean the output will look like TV: “Our prime time is between 6am and 9am, which is very different from most prime time typically is.”

This video is part of our series about the future of video advertising, produced at Cannes and presented by Teads. The video was recorded on the Teads yacht. For more videos from the series, please visit this page