CANNES —  As advertisers analyze the effectiveness of their media spends, many are also asking if they are with the right agency. “Many CPG advertisers are all looking at an increase in the digital mix and global media mix and are checking and validating the TV dollars to see if they’re still working as well as they used to be for millennials and for premium audiences,” says Dominique Delport, Global Managing Director of Havas Media Group, in this interview with Beet.TV, in discussing the current wave of media reviews that marketers are conducting of their agencies.

That can present a possible opportunity for Havas, which has been quickly growing its business and positioning itself as a “challenger” agency. Delport said Havas has added one big global client every two months for the last two years. Part of this shift is the increasing importance of digital, and the opportunity for marketers to more closely evaluate and automate buying, with options such as programmatic. “What can be automated will be automated. Thinking of that evolution is [leading advertisers to ask] if they are with the right partner,” he says.

Data is the currency for the present and the future for brands, and they need to be able to control the use of it. That’s why marketers are asking if they are paired up with the right partners, and who they even need to work with in a media world that’s more dependent on technology and automation, he adds.

This video is part of our series about the future of video advertising, produced at Cannes and presented by Teads.  The video was recorded on the Teads yacht. For more videos from the series, please visit this page