CANNES — One of the biggest benefits of data is that it can personalize the media business, especially through video, says David Kenny, Chairman and CEO at the Weather Company, in this interview with Beet.TV  from the Cannes Lions Festival. “Weather is this place that is very personal, very local, uses enormous amounts of data and you can combine it with a video story in interesting ways,” he says in a conversation with Jordan Bitterman, Chief Strategist of Mindshare NA.

About 15% of the Weather Company mobile users are video fans, and the company’s goal is to convert the rest of them to video users. Kenny says. As Weather moves in this direction, ensuring the video is customized for the mobile user is critical, given the “mobile-first” nature of Weather Company. “People want to visually understand what’s going on with the weather. The challenge is producing shorter video for mobile, and not repurposing TV content to mobile,” Kenny says.

One of the biggest opportunities lies in harnessing user videos about weather as those have become quite popular, he says. “They love to tell the story,” he says.

We sat down with Kenny last week at the Cannes Lions Festival aboard the Teads yacht.

Beet partnered with Teads for events on the yacht and sponsored this series of videos from the Festival.