CANNES — A common theme out of the recent Cannes Lions advertising festival is advertisers’ quest to turn messages in to actual ecommerce sales. That’s what agency Omnicom’s digital CEO Jonathan Nelson is shooting for, too, with big partners.

“We’re huge partners with DoubleClick, we’re big Atlas partners,” he tells The Weather Company CEO David Kenny in this interview for Beet.TV. “We’re trying to figure out what is the right blend for clients and access the entire media ecosystem.

“Both companies are getting closer to, ‘What do people really want, how do we engage with them, how do we create better content, advertising as a service, how do we drive advertising that makes you aware of a product yet drives commerce?’ “Each of those companies are pushing in that direction, which is where we’re going to.”

This video is part of our series about the future of video advertising, produced at Cannes and presented by Teads. The video was recorded on the Teads yacht. For more videos from the series, please visit this page