CANNES — This summer has become known as the season for media agency pitches, and clients are most eager for “tools and people,” says Jordan Bitterman, Chief Strategist of Mindshare NA.  “Most of the clients are public companies and they are in a cycle. There are three times a year that we do a review process with clients and reach out to them and get scores and some interesting narrative back,” he says to David Kenny, Chairman and CEO at the Weather Company, in this video interview from the Cannes Lions Festival.

“Clients want to make sure an agency has strong buying, with great efficiency and best-in-class tools to gather information on their customers,” Bitterman says. On the people side, marketers are looking for agency experts who are skilled in digital, mobile, analytics and other new technology and tools. At Mindshare, the agency had been relying on “The Loop,” an internal war room/think tank inside the agency that monitors paid, owned and earned media in real time.

“The Loop is our operating system and teams come into the room and are surrounded by data,” Bitterman explains, adding that weather is one of the data points the agency monitors because it impacts nearly every business.

Kenny sat down with Bitterman last week at the Cannes Lions Festival for this session aboard the Teads yacht.

Beet partnered with Teads for events on the yacht and sponsored this series of videos from the Festival.