CANNES –To be effective, video ads should better align with the user experience. Those type of ads will benefit both brands and consumers more, says Pierre Chappaz, Executive Chairman at Teads, in this video interview with Beet.TV from the Cannes Lions Festival.

Better ads are important because currently upwards of 70% of pre-roll ads are never seen since viewers tune them out, he tells us. To combat this issue, Teads has aimed to innovate with new video formats, including one it calls a “view to play” ad that’s inserted into editorial content with publishers and invites viewers to play the ad. “We all hate to watch ads that are not interesting for us and we are trained to avoid those ads,” he says. This new format is more of a “suggestion” to the viewer to watch the ad. “The business model is aligned with the user experience and we only charge brands and agencies for videos that are completely viewed,” Chappaz says.

Teads is also focused on mobile video ads and is offering new tools in this area. “This is an extremely promising area to increase the monetization of mobile,” he says.

We sat down with Chappaz at the Cannes Lions Festival aboard the Teads yacht.

Beet partnered with Teads for events on the yacht and sponsored this series of videos from the Festival.