CANNES — Video has become a core focus of Daily Mail’s news service, says Jon Steinberg, CEO of Daily Mail North America, in this segment recorded the Cannes Lions Festival.

Daily Mail generates 80 million video views each month, and licenses videos from AP, Reuters, Getty and others, with one million visits a day to its home page in the United States, he says in a conversation with Jordan Bitterman, Chief Strategist of Mindshare NA.

The publisher plans to expand into creating more original video to add to its existing stable of licensed videos, he says.

Steinberg has learned that consumers and advertisers don’t always want the same things. Advertisers like clean designs with little content but readers like jam-packed pages. Daily Mail has built one of the most successful news sites on the foundation of highly engaging articles, videos and photos. “Advertisers and agencies need to be more realistic about what drives consumption, engagement and love of a product,” he says. The news site publishes about 800 stories a day with 10,000 photos, Steinberg says.

This session was recorded aboard the Teads yacht.

Note:  Later during Cannes, the Daily Mail announced a major video initiative the TV personality Dr. Phil.

Beet partnered with Teads for events on the yacht and sponsored this series of videos.