Washington Post Plans Hundreds of Live TV Shows from Newsroom Staff

The Washington Post, the first and most innovative major U.S. newspaper to use video as part of  its online news offering, is launching a platform for hundreds of reporters to host their own programs live from their desks on Webcams, via a simple interface with the Post's content management system.


BBC Surfacing Videos on Home Page and Around Text Stories

London –The BBC has been surfacing an increasing amount of Web-specific videos and television packages to its giant portal.


BBC Newsroom Chief on the Evolution of Web Video Reportage — The Power of “Show and Tell” Reporting from Kyrgyzstan

LONDON — Video news reporting for the Web, different than conventional television news, is quickly evolving and the BBC is innovating in a variety of forms including one which the newsroom calls a "show and tell."


The New York Times Videos Now Sharable via Embed Code

The New York Times, long an innovator in creating unique news video for the Web, is now allowing anyone to copy videos from the site and embed them onto blogs, social media, and Web sites.


BBC Online Video News Views Up 25 Percent in Four Months…Beet Visits the “Beeb”

LONDON –  The BBC has found a growing audience for online news in the U.K., with some 5 million unique visitors watching 28 million videos in January, up 25 percent over the previous four months, according to the latest numbers from comScore.


Cisco “Live” on MSNBC’s “Rachel Maddow Show” in Broadcast Debut

NEW YORK — Cisco Systems, which has a big* video teleconference business with a product called TelePresence, is entering the broadcast world with the MSNBC's Rachel Maddow, who is using the system to conduct remote interviews.


The New York Times Opens Page One Meeting to the World with New Video Show

The historically private daily deliberations of New York Times editors in their Page One meeting, which sets the day's coverage and has a big impact on the global news cycle, are now being shared in a daily video program called TimesCast.


The Guardian Finds Video Success with the Contextualization of Content

LONDON — The Guardian newspaper has been innovating with online video since 2006, has invested heavily in video operations in its new headquarters, and is finding traction with its own brand of journalistic video.


Facebook Co-Founder Chris Hughes Announces “Jumo,” Site for Charities

Chris Hughes, one of the three founders of Facebook who left the social media giant to manage social media operations for the Obama presidential campaign, is launching "Jumo" a site to help charitable organizations in fundraising and outreach.


The Guardian Putting Massive Data into its API

LONDON — The Guardian, which has been offering its API as a syndication tool since last year, has just made that offering much deeper with the release of information from elections going back to 1992, according to Stephen Dunn, who heads technology strategy for the newspaper.


New York Times: Does Politico, Other New Content Syndicators, Have an Agenda/Bias?

As newsrooms shrink, newspapers are looking to a new crop of outside reporting organizations for specialized content. These new outlets might have their own agenda and bias, reports Richard Perez-Pena in The New York Times. 


CBS News Investigative Unit Lands Real-Time Video of Haiti Earthquake

Watch CBS News Videos Online CBS News has acquired a surveillance tape showing the Haiti earthquake as it happened.   CBS says it was acquired by its Investigative Unit.


Sergey Brin is the Force Behind Google’s Showdown with China, Ken Auletta

Google co-founder Sergey Brin, the son of persecuted Russian Jews, has been the driving force in the the company's showdown with China, says Ken Auletta, New Yorker media columnist and author of the best selling book "Googled: The End of the World as We Know It."


Reuters Videographer in Haiti Finds Friendly Embassy with Internet to FTP First Quake Footage

NEW YORK, NY — Reuters was first with this stunning video of the devastating earthquake in Haiti which has been seen on CNN, CBS News, YouTube, and many outlets around the globe.


Reuters Has Dramatic Video Coverage of Haiti Earthquake

Watching CNN this morning, we have seen most of the coverage of the disaster coming from a Reuters feed.  With the country's infrastructure devastated, having quality video image is of enormous value to broadcasters around the world.


Google’s Josh Cohen to Publishers: “You Are in Full Control of Your Content”

Google sends nearly four billion clicks per month to news providers, according to Josh Cohen, project manager at Google News.


Obama Campaign Video Strategist: User Data is Key for Success

With a rich trove of demographic data and e-mail addresses, the Obama campaign leveraged the power of video by producing and distributing content to its targeted constituents. 


Exclusive: Google News to Share “Fast Flip” Through Open API

Just as Google Maps allows users to put images onto their sites, there will be an open API for Google's "Fast Flip," Google's Josh Cohen tells Beet.TV in this video interview.


The New York Times’ Saul Hansell Goes to “Seed”

Saul Hansell, the veteran technology reporter and columnist for The York Times has left the paper to join AOL's new "Seed" unit, a mostly automated news site. 


Republicans Embracing YouTube with “Tons and Tons” of Uploads…but No One Beats Nancy Pelosi’s Cat Video

WASHINGTON, D.C. –  Stung from  the 2008 election losses, Republican members of Congress are uploading videos to YouTube in much greater numbers than Democrats.

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