New York Times Top Web Editor Declares: Homey Videos by Reporters Work!

Click To Play Visiting The New York Times website these days, we are finding lots of video prominently displayed.  Some look like network-produced TV segments, some simple commentary by staff reporters and others are unpolished, folksy pieces by emerging video stars including Seth Schiesel, David Carr and David Pogue.  Pogue’s home style approach to video […]


J-schools and Editor in Chief Agree: Journalists Need to Embrace Tools of New Media

Click To Play While chatting with Editor in Chief Len Apcar, we asked the man at the helm of one of the pioneering new media newspaper websites how journalists could make the transition from traditional media to the fast-pace, multi-dimensional world of new media. Len saysthat journalists must now be ‘mentally ambidextrous’ when it […]


The People Scoop the Mainstream Media on the Stephen Colbert White House Press Corps Dinner, says Kerry Lauerman of

Click To Play Long an innovator in online publishing, is becoming increasingly multimedia these days with its very new cool Video Dog vlog. We caught up with Salon’s Kerry “Top Dog” Lauerman, co-editor of the vlog, in his bustling office at the New York bureau. He tells The Beet that Salon’s posting of Stephen […]


Technorati’s Peter Hirshberg says that mainstream media sites including The New York Times will increasingly use video content on their web sites and will eventually incorporate some community generated content

Click To Play Peter Hirshberg, Executive Vice President of Technorati, the leading blog search engine, currently tracking over 36.7 million sites, sounds off on the move of traditional newspapers, like the Washington Post and the New York Times, towards cultivating an online presence, including the use of video.  It will certainly be interesting to see […]


Len Apcar, The New York Times

Click To Play Len Apcar, the editor of the New York Times online, explains how the Internet is changing traditonal media — and how big media Web sites like the Times are more and more willing to provide hyperlinks to relevant information.  He cites an example where an article about a recall of Ford vehicles […]

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