LONDON — The Guardian, which has been offering its API as a syndication tool since last year, has just made that offering much deeper with the release of information from elections going back to 1992, according to Stephen Dunn, who heads technology strategy for the newspaper.

The paper announced the government data API offering on March 1.

Dunn believes that the advent of a vast amount of new government data in the U.K could provide media companies like the Guardian with entirely new business opportunities.

I spoke with him on Friday at the Guardian offices.

Here is an interview, on ZDNet from last week, with the Guardian's technology director Mike Bracken about the paper's API strategy.

In today's Guardian, Simon Rogers write that the upcoming national elections in the U.K. will be the "first data election."

The Importance of Open Government Data

Last year in Washington, I spoke with Tim Berners-Lee about  open government data initiatives, which he champions.  I have republished the segment below.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer