Targets Facebook, Blogs, Launches New Emeddable Player — Could Have Giant Hit with WH “Crashers” on Today Show today introduced a new embeddable player in a move to increase consumption of news video to other locations, notably on Facebook. 


News Alert: YouTube’s Olivia Ma, Others to Speak at Beet.TV Roundtable Today at 4:00 ET

WASHINGTON, DC — Olivia Ma, news manager at YouTube, will be one of the media luminaries to speak at today's Beet.TV Online Video Roundtable here in Washington, D.C.  See the list below:


The Obvious Secret of Online Video Success: Know Your Audience…..It’s a Niche World After all

On Tuesday (12/1) in Washington, Beet.TV will gather an extraordinary group to talk about online video and its role in the evolving news environment.’s Josh Tyrangiel Named Business Week Editor-in-Chief

Business Week has picked managing editor Josh Tyrangiel as its new Editor-in-Chief, Tom Lowry reported this morning.


The Internet Turns 40 Today, but it Has a Long Way to Go, Vint Cerf

By most accounts, the Internet was born back on October 29, 1969 by two computer scientists, Vint Cerf  and Robert Kahn.  Cerf is now Google's Chief Internet Evangelist.


CNN Pulls UGC Closer with Integration of iReport

Having established iReport three years ago, CNN is the most established mainstream media organization publishing user generated content. 


Exclusive: Has Six Million Followers on Twitter & So Does The New York Times (update) has nearly 6 million followers on Twitter, KC Estenson, Sr. VP and General Manager of told Beet.TV in this video interview.    


CNN Now in “Horse Race” with Huffington Post and Daily Beast has taken notice of the Huffington Post and the Daily Beast as "opinion destinations" and wants to be a "horse in that race," General Manager KC Estenson told me last night, after the industry introduction of the revamped site.  (transcript below)


Believe It: Niche Video News Producers like Beet.TV Can Succeed, Chief

As an online video news source, has the enormous advantage of the resources of NBC, but opportunities exist for video news producers who focus on a niche areas and use low cost digital news gathering.


Big in Brussels: Kyte powers NATO Secretary General’s Videoblog!

How far has the online video business expanded beyond its entertainment roots? So far that the secretary general of NATO is keeping a video blog to stay connected with member countries…


Sir Tim Berners-Lee: The Semantic Web Has Arrived and the Obama Administration is “Onboard”

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, has been on a quest for several years for the adoption of something he has coined the semantic Web — a data-rich, interconnected Web. 


Anne Frank Film Clip from 1941 is Huge on YouTube: 1.5 Million Views in 7 Days

Late last month, the Amsterdam-based museum Ann Frank House launched a channel on YouTube.


Google CEO Eric Schmidt: “….we’re used to being blamed for everything”

Google CEO Eric Schmidt doesn’t accept that his company is a sort of “vampire,” sucking blood out of our newspapers. He says that because Google plays such a central role in the Internet, “we’ve been somewhat used to being blamed for everything.”


Twitter Gets Funded, An Emerging Media Company to Watch

So, its official, Twitter has raised $100 million in venture funding.  It will be interesting to see how funding will change the company. Finds Huge Audience, Profitability with Video

Guided by a focus on what today's business headlines mean to jobs, savings, and homes, has been profitable with video since it began video operations more than a year ago, Chris Peacock, the site's VP and editor told Beet.TV in a recent interview.


Ze Frank Lands on with New Series has grown its video viewership five times in the last year in part by producing unusual and interesting videos that you won't find on a nightly newscast, including a new partnership with popular Web star Ze Frank, the site's Craig Duff, director of multimedia, told us.


Ted Kennedy Video Interview up on BigThink

One of the last interviews with Ted Kennedy that was done is up on BigThink, the little New York-based start-up which creates and publishes interviews with thought leaders.


Google Video Gem: Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock

It was forty years ago this weekend that Jimi Hendrix closed the Woodstock festival with one of his greatest performances.  


Kimberly-Clark Bets on Web Video in 10-Part Series

The consumer packaged goods giant Kimberly-Clark recently launched a 10-episode Web series on green home improvement tips sponsored by Scott's Natural.


YouTube Local News Organized in 100 U.S. Cities…New York Post Is Prominent in New York

YouTube's "News Near You," a recent addition to the YouTube news page, organizes local news sources as a strip of thumbnail images.  YouTube has organized hundreds of news sources into news "portals" in 100 U.S. cities, we have learned.

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