NBC News ‘theGrio’ Builds Audience with Original Video

theGrio, the NBC News unit which targets African Americans, has built a growing audience and revenue model with original video, says co-founder Barion Grant in this interview with Beet TV.


Global Post Meets Growing Demand For Foreign News

Global Post, an online news site producing some 150 international daily news stories a day, across video and print platforms, is meeting a growing demand for foreign news says Solana Pyne, a senior Global Post Video Producer, in this interview with Beet TV.


New York Times Debuts Google+ ‘Hangouts On Air’ As Video Platform

The New York Times used Google+ ‘Hangouts On Air,’ streaming live video on its home page, YouTube channel and Google+ page for the first time. In this video interview with Beet TV, Alexis Mainland, New York Times Social Media Editor describes the on air feature as a “lightweight production tool with inherent social elements.”


The New York Times Debuts Regular Live Web Programming

The New York Times, which produces about 70 original videos per month, launched its first regularly scheduled live program this week.


CNN Claims One Million Global Citizen Journalist “iReporters”

CNN iReport, the global news organization's user generated content operation, says it has one million citizen journalist reporters who are registered as iReporters.


CNN Readies “Social Network for News”

CNN iReport, the five-year-old platform for citizen journalists to upload and share photos and videos, will become something of a "social network for news" with its imminent redesign, says Lila King, Participation Director of CNN Digital, in this interview with Beet.TV.


AllThingsD Plans Expansion of Reviews Section: Kara Swisher Wants “Little Walt Mossbergs Everywhere”

All Things Digital, the fast-growing events and publishing unit of Dow Jones, headed by Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg, plans to expand its reviews section, says Swisher in this video interview with Beet.TV


YouTube is Managing Graphic, Violent Videos from the Middle East with Community Help

SAN BRUNO, CA — YouTube has been an essential platform for videos of street violence in the Middle East, mostly camera phone uploads of events not covered by the news media. 


Bloomberg Expanding Online Dominance of Business Television News with New Apps

Bloomberg News is the only news organization to provide a free, live version of its linear television programming in the U.S. online. It will soon expand its live streaming via Apps on iOS devices, according to Kevin Krim, Global Head of Web Properties for Bloomberg News, in this interview with Beet.TV.


Foodspotting, Crowd-Sourced Food “Journalism” Enterprise Raise $3 Million Venture Round

Foodspotting, the San Francisco-based social media site for sharing photos of food dishes, has raised its first venture round of $3 million, according to Liz Gannes at All Things Digital.


Megan McCarthy: “The Cyborg of News, the Borg Queen of the Blogosphere”

In a profile of Mediagazer editor Megan McCarthy just out in the American Journalism Review, VentureBeat executive edtor and former boss Owen Thomas calls her "the cyborborg of news, the borg queen of the blogosphere."


News Video on Twitter to Expand as Brightcove Completes Implementation

NEW YORK — With last month's launch of the new Twitter Web page, selected beta users have been able to embed videos from YouTube and Vimeo. 


Emmy News Nominations for LA Times, New York Times, Boston Globe, San Jose Merc and Time.com

Nominations for Emmy Awards for news and documentaries were announced today.  PBS leads with the most nominations followed by CBS and the other television networks.


Yahoo’s Old Fashion Take on Value of Journalism: Scoops Drive a Media Business

LOS ANGELES –Hiring a small group of enterprising sports reporters four years ago, who grabbed headlines with scoops, was a clear indication of the value of original journalism in driving traffic and attracting advertising dollars.


Arianna Huffington Takes “Shine” to Yahoo! and is Setting-up Shop in New York

The Huffington Post is entering a “deep partnership” with Yahoo! to produce original content, including both text and video for Shine, the women’s interest pages of of Yahoo!, co-founder and editor-in-chief Arianna Huffington says in this interview with Beet.TV.


Crowd-Sourced Journalism at The Washington Post: “The Community Knows More than We Do”

LOS ANGELES — Crowd-sourced journalism at the Washington Post, which has taken a Wiki form around amateur sports and Washington politics, will expand into several verticals, with community members increasing their presence on the newspaper's site, says Vijay Ravindran, Chief Digital Officer.


Video: Steve Jobs Says “Flash is Waning” at All Things D Conference

LOS ANGELES — The Wall Street Journal has just published the first excerpt of Steve Jobs on stage with Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg at All Things Digital.


Kara Swisher, Walt Mossberg Readying All Things Digital Conference: Big Opening Night with Steve Jobs

Spectacular line-up for the Wall Street Journal’s All Things Digital conference kicking off on Tuesday (6/1) night in Rancho Palos Verdes, the seaside town near LA.


The Guardian Newspaper Commercializes its API

LONDON — The Guardian Newspaper, which is organizing massive amounts of government and other data into its API, is making the API available to the public on a commercial basis, the paper announced today.


How a Young Kara Swisher Got Her Big Break at the Washington Post

Over 25 years ago, a incensed Georgetown undergraduate “railed” on the phone about the sloppy coverage of her college to Assistant Managing Editor Larry Kramer, the paper’s metro editor.

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