William Randolph Hearst III On Beet.TV — The Revver Investor Explains the Imperative of Contextual Advertising for Online Video

[Download video to your computer | Upload to iPod, PSP] I had the extraordinary opportunity to interview William "Will" Randolph Hearst III at his office in downtown San Francisco on Friday. Mr. Hearst is a former newspaper man one of the world’s most influential venture capitalists, long associated with Kleiner Perkins.  No longer a partner […]


News “Flash” from San Jose: The Look of Consumer-Generated Content Will Improve Soon: Why Does Web 2.0 Need to Look so Damn Grainy?

Click To Play OK, so it’s incredibly easy and free to upload and share video to several video sharing sites.  On most sites, you simply browse your files, select one and hit upload.  Most video sharing sites accept a range of file formats and sizes. After you hit upload, the companies compress clips to become […]


Robert Scoble Says Beet.TV is Kicking his A&& — Not True I Say!

In September, Andrew Bourland launched a video blog of interviews with technology innovators called ZBIZ.TV  — around the same time the ScobleShow was launched.  Bourland laments the lack of traffic to his and Scoble’s vlogs, citing blog traffic metrics.  He demonstrates that Beet.TV is more popular than the ScobleShow.  Bourland calls Beet.TV "my favorite videoblog"  […]


AOL Video Search Chief to Content Creators: Use Rich Text Annotation to Get Clips Found

Click To Play At the Streaming Media West Conference on Tuesday, I had the good fortune to chat with keynote speaker Tim Tuttle, a pioneer in online video search. Tim founded the San Francisco-based Truveo and sold it to AOL earlier this year.  He now heads video search for AOL and is a Vice President. […]


WOW: The New York Times TV Critic Calls Beet.TV “Superb”

What can I say except to say THANK YOU to Virginia Heffernan, television critic for the New York Times and blogger of Screens.  In her post today, she refers to Beet.TV as "superb."  Wow, how thrilling. Thank you so much. Timeswoman extraordinaire Virginia Heffernan  Photo from the amazing Mediashift — Andy Plesser Screens, New York […]


Downloadable Flash Video on the Horizon: Adobe Readies “Apollo”

[Download video to your computer | Upload to iPod, PSP] Flash Video, a program developed by Macromedia in San Francisco, has become a ubiquitous program for online video. Forrester Research recently reported that Flash video players are in 95 percent of Web browsers. It’s become the platform of the online video explosion. Some viewers of Beet.TV […]


Value of Blogs? It’s All About “Engagement,” Declares Robert Scoble…Digg and Ze Frank Have It….Check out Our Panel on the Business of Video Blogging Streaming from San Jose!!!!

[Download video to your computer | Upload to iPod, PSP] Here’s my second interview with Robert Scoble from the Streaming Media West Conference. There’s been lots of talk here about video blogs and advertising and what will work. Robert says that "engagement" factor is key to a blog’s influence and success. He cites the Ze Frank […]


Google Goes Wild for Wikis — And So Does Scoble (and Beet.TV)

[Download video to your computer | Upload to iPod, PSP] The tech world has  been buzzing about Google’s acquistion yesterday of JotSpot, the three-year old company that provides a hosted service mainly to corporate customers for building wikis.  No doubt about it:  Wiki’s are ready for the corporate world and the masses. I spoke with Robert […]


Coke Ad on New Exploding Diet Coke Clip is “Groundbreaking” for Google and Industry

  OK, whether you think the new "Chain Reaction"  video is funny or not, or it becomes as popular as the first exploding Diet Coke/Mentos video, it doesn’t matter: Google has placed a Diet Coke post-roll advertisement after the 3-minute clip. This is a big development in the monetization of independently created video content. There […]


Flash vs. Downloadable Video? “Flash Is Viable Biz Model,” Declares Ex-Macromedia CTO Jeremy Allaire — Could There be YouTube Without Flash?

Click To Play We had a chat with Jeremy Allaire, founder and CEO of Brightcove –  the fash-growing Cambridge company that’s been in the forefront of empowering big and small publishers to put their video content online. Brightcove uses Flash to publish video. And Jeremey knows a thing or two about the software platform.  He […]


Rocketboom’s Andrew Baron’s POV on The Creative Process of Vlogging

Click To Play Here’s our second installment of our interview with pioneering video blogger Andrew Baron, founder of Rocketboom. It’s facinating to get Andrew’s reflections on the creative process that has lead to the success of the vlog. — Andy Plesser PANDO Rolls Out New Product The NY-based company has vastly improved its platform for […]


It’s the Rocketboom Ad Festival on Beet.TV!….Veeker Finally Launches…..

Rocketboom has become so incredibly successful as a result of creativity and hard work. There 300,000 downloads of the show every day. It’s astonishing how they come up with such interesting and diverse shows.  Last week they posted their 500th episode. Well, those creative folks are putting wits into creating special advertising for  in the […]


The Future of the iPod: Full Screen Device with Touch Screen Fly Wheel, Steven Levy Speculates

Click To Play Here’s the second part of our interview with Steven Levy, chief technology writer for Newsweek and longtime Apple watcher. Steven talks about the inevitable evolution of the iPod, particularly in light of the introduction of Microsoft’s Zune later this year. He sees a future iPod as phone and wireless device and speculates […]


Steven Levy Has World’s Biggest iPod…Well Not Really, but It’s a Terrific Book….NEWS ALERT FROM THE GOOGLEPLEX: Diet Coke to Explode at Google with New Post-Roll Ad Execution

Click To Play We are always grateful to have time with Newsweek’s Steven Levy.  Kate and I were delighted that he came down to the Beet.TV studios on Friday to talk with us about about Apple, Steve Jobs (who he first met in 1983 when writing a piece for Rolling Stone) and, of course, the […]


Rocketboom Hits 500th Episode and is Producing Ad Spots Too!

[Download video to your computer | Upload to iPod, PSP] Rocketboom’s Andrew Baron is a visionary — the show is always so interesting and fresh.  Last week, it hit the milestone of 500 episodes. Amazing. We think Joanne Colan is really brilliant and witty. It’s astonishing to see the scope of creative work they consistantly […]


Searching the Vlog Ad Model — FM’s Chas Edwards Sorts it Out and Says Rocketboom’s Got it Right……CNET Launches Videoblog with Honda as Sponsor

Click To Play Here’s my second interview with Chas Edwards, VP at Federated Media, the new company started by John Battelle that links advertisers with bloggers and community sites. Lots of vloggers are trying to figure out a viable ad model. Robert Scoble has been wondering about this topic this week and his musings have […]


Video Search Technology is “Fuzzy,” Says Blinkx Co-Founder Suranga Chandratillake

Click To Play Here’s our second interview with Suranga Chandratillake, the Cambridge-trained computer scientist and co-founder of Blinkx, the San Francisco-based start-up which is doing pioneering work in video search. Suranga speaks about the different set of skills need to solve the search on the Web.  He says the technology is not purely numbers – […]


CNET Gets Online Video Programming Right, Declares Ogilvy’s David Rittenhouse

Click To Play Here’s the second part of my chat with David Rittenhouse, a senior executive at Ogilvy who is spearheading advertising on new media platforms for agency clients including IBM.    David is keen on CNET’s approach to online video as an effective platform for advertisers, notably IBM’s sponsorship of the CIO Vision Series […]


Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Goes Wild on His “Soapbox”…..Bill Gates’ “Comedy” is Most Viewed on New Portal

I was just "invited" to join Microsoft’s new Soapbox, the long anticipated video portal.  It’s in Beta and not widely available to the public just yet. We just checked out the site and there are very few clips up.  The user interface is very nice and the quality of the Flash is very good and […]


NBC Enters Online Video Advertising and Distribution Business in a Big Way……Forget the Oscars, the Vloggies Are Gonna be Huge!

Click To Play It’s been flying under the radar and it’s still in beta, but NBC Universal has been building up a powerful online video distribution and advertising platform for a widerange of content — far beyond the NBC programming.  (This is separate from MSNBC.)  The new company nbbc or National Broadband Company, is majority […]

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