“Savory” New Start-up Serving Up Tasty Restaurant Videos in New York and San Francisco…..Google Wants a “All the World’s Videos” Could that Include YouTube?….Beet.TV Debuts in French!

Click To Play I think there are some smart entrepreneurs out there who are going to disintermediate traditional media with online video tools.  Chris and Jennifer McBride will really shake up the city guide business with Savory Cities, their new start-up that creates little video guides to restaurants.    They’ve been tirelessly taping over 100 […]


OK, So It’s Not “Law and Order” But It’s A Darn Good Vlog about Law School

Here at Beet.TV, we’ve been working away on a video blog about legal education for Fordham Law School.  LawClinic.TV  is about the school’s department that teaches aspiring lawyers in real experiences with clients. To our understanding it’s the first video blog to chronicle the academic world. The project got a terrific write-up in The New […]


Google to Acquire YouTube? WSJ Issues Alert — Techcrunch Has the Scoop…..

The Wall Street Journal just issued a news alert (noon EDT) about a possible purchase of YouTube by Google for $1.6 billion.  The Journal (subscription) attributes Techcrunch for first reporting the "rumors".  Last night, Techcrunch’s Michael Harrington called the rumors "completely unsubstantiated."   Today, the Journal’s intrepid Google-beat-reporter Kevin Delaney cites a "a person familiar with […]


Pre-Roll Video Advertising is “Annoying” to Consumers — Marketers Need a New Gamebook, Forrester Research Analyst Brian Haven Concludes

Click To Play Forrester Research has just released a comprehensive study examining online video consumption and the effectiveness of online video advertising.  For those of us trying to figure out how online video advertising will work, this is a very valuable report. Senior Analyst Brian Haven speaks with Beet.TV from his Cambridge, Massachusetts office. His […]


MIT Vloggers Go “Krazy” with New Motorola Phone — New York Times Harshes on YouTube….Beet.TV Learns of Low Ad Rates on the Mega Site

Click To Play Motorola is working to create cool new features for mobile devices, including one that allow mobile phone users to be video bloggers.  The company conducted a beta test with MIT students earlier this week using the new specially programmed Krazr phone.  The phone allows users to capture videos on the phone and […]


Superstar VC Roger McNamee Says Effective Search is the Imperative for Online Video

Click To Play Superstar venture capitalist Roger McNamee was on the campus of MIT for the Emerging Technologies Conference where he gave an extraordinary keynote address on the importance of media and entertainment as a dynamic area for innovation and for investment. His presentation was followed by a question and answer session with Jason Pontin, […]


Yahoo!’s del.icio.us Hits 1 Million Members: Founder Joshua Schachter Is Honored at MIT as Year’s Top Innovator

I caught up with Joshua Schachter at MIT’s Emerging Technologies Conference in Cambridge today.  Joshua has a lot to celebrate — membership in del.icio.us has just hit one million. Seems like the acquisition by Yahoo! has gone very well indeed. Tonight he is being honored by Technology Review, organizer of the event, as the Innovator […]


Video Sharing on Mobile Phones Is Heating Up, Says Q121’s Dan Levine

Click To Play Video sharing is going mobile with sites like Q121, which allows users to download music videos, movie trailers and video clips to their cell phones and share them with their friends. The site combines mobile video, user generated content and social networking by allowing users to sign up and create profiles, and […]


Dabble Looks “del.icio.us” To Us……

Click To Play Dabble provides individuals with the ability to create and share preferred "playlists" of all sorts of videos from many sources.  The Berkeley-based company doesn’t host or publish video clips, it just indexes them according to the interest of viewers.  These "favorites" can then be shared with others.  I think it’s a cool […]


Live Linear Broadcasting on Internet is Here….and Video is a Powerful Catalyst for Social Networking — VideoEgg Goes to the “Dogs”

Click To Play Alex Blum was the top broadband strategist at AOL for eight years.  He now heads JumpTV, a new company that streams live broadcasts from far flung nations to subscriber’s computers. Programming is consumed by many immigrant groups. Alex says true streaming media is here — that live linear broadcasting over the public […]


Facebook Might Sell to Yahoo, WSJ Reports — Chris Hughes Could Hit Nice Pay Day

Click To Play The Wall Street Journal says today that Facebook is in serious negotiations to sell to Yahoo! for somewhere around $1 billion.  The paper reports (subscription) that the start-up has been in talks with Microsoft and Viacom but talks with Yahoo! are the most substantial. The Wall Street Journal says today that Facebook […]


Google Video Adds “Views” to Video Information……My High School Film has Been Watched 32,000 Times!!!!

I made a film in 1969 in my home town of Great Neck, Long Island about teenage sex, drugs, rock ‘n roll, alienation and despair.  It was my life!  A film scholar told me recently it reminded her of John Cassavetes’ "Faces" . Wow, that was my inspiration.  I kid you not, I saw that […]


Zune is Bigger Than a Music Player, It’s a New “Platform” Predicts Newsweek’s Steven Levy……Forrester’s Ted Schadler Sees Big Inroad from Microsoft with New Product

Click To Play We spoke with Steven Levy today at the offices of Newsweek to get his take on Microsoft’s announcement of Zune, the digital music player that goes on sale this holiday season.  Far from a "me too" iPod, Steven sees profound implications in this new technology – he  says Zune is a strategic […]


Motionbox’s New “Tagging” of Video Scenes is “Flickr-Like”

You should check out Motionbox. It’s a new site for video uploads and sharing. The clips are an interesting mix of content – some cool independent filmmakers and lots of funky videos uploaded from mobile devices. What is unique about the site is that it allows uploaded video to be catalogued by scene. For example, […]


MTV Leading the Way in Consumer Generated Vlogs, And iUpload Is Making it Work

Click To Play MTV is breaking some important ground by empowering individuals to create personalized video blogs within the MTV Network. It’s called "The Pod, Broadcast Yourself." The video upload is processed through VideoEgg and the content management system used by MTV is from iUpload, an 8-year old content management systems business in Toronto. We […]


Online Video Advertisers Take Note: Don’t Look to Clicks as a Measure of Effectiveness, Declares IAB Chief Greg Stuart

Click To Play We have been interested in the viability of online advertising using and surrounding video clips. This is the sustainable business model for online video. Yet, we don’t really know what these ads will look like and what will work. The whole area of user interface of online video advertising is taking many […]


SCOBLE WATCH: Countdown to His Vlog Launch……Facebook Says No To Video as YouTube Hits 61 College Campuses

Click To Play There’s been a lot of anticipation about the launch later this month of the new (yet unnamed) video blog about technology by uberblogger Robert Scoble.  Robert knows a thing or two about video blogs. During his stint at Microsoft he launched the groundbreaking Channel 9. Now at PodTech in Silicon Valley, Scoble […]


Online Video Advertising Must be “Contextual” Declares Forrester’s Charlene Li — And Deep Search Will Be an Imperative

Click To Play Online video advertising is about to explode. The next big wave will be the placing of short commercials – either before as so called “pre-roll” or after a video clip has been seen, as “post-roll.”  Advertising won’t be appropriate for all video clips, for sure, but this looming development represents a solid […]


Technorati Is Set to Index Video, Says Chair Peter Hirshberg — And Microformats Loom Large

Click To Play To me the most important implication of this whole online video revolution is that video clips can be effectively indexed and searched. This is one of the most exciting aspects of Beet.TV. Many visitors first find Beet.TV clips through search — from Technorati, Google, Yahoo! and other search and indexing sites.  Most […]


“Tag It!” Says Micro Persuasion’s Steve Rubel

Click To Play No one has a better handle on the new communications tools for public relations professionals than Steve Rubel, author of the highly influential blog Micro Persuasion. This is the second installment of the interview I did with Steve last month at the AlwaysOn Summit at Stanford. Here Steve talks about the new […]

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