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Rocketboom’s Andrew Baron is a visionary — the show is always so interesting and fresh.  Last week, it hit the milestone of 500 episodes. Amazing. We think Joanne Colan is really brilliant and witty. It’s astonishing to see the scope of creative work they consistantly produce with such a small staff.

Well, turns out they are a creative "advertising agency" as well.  They’ve been selling and making some funky ads "in-house" and charging advertisers extremely high rates — up to $80 per 1000 views or (CPM).  This nets Rockboom from $40,000 to $80,000 per week for the post-roll ads.  Not only do Andrew and his crew create the ads — they star Joanne!  Check this episode to the end and watch the post roll ad for a national battery recycling program at Radio Shack.

Andy Plesser

VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE VLOG! — It’s sort of the "people’s award" for vlogs — the vloggies which will be awarded on November 4 in San Francisco.  Beet.TV will be there! The ballot is great because you get to see such an interesting assortment of so many creative new vlogs coming online — and some established ones really doing interesting things. Vote! 

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