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The tech world has  been buzzing about Google’s acquistion yesterday of JotSpot, the three-year old company that provides a hosted service mainly to corporate customers for building wikis. 

No doubt about it:  Wiki’s are ready for the corporate world and the masses.

I spoke with Robert Scoble at the Streaming Media West conference in San Jose yesterday. (Robert and I were co-panelists on a session about the video blog business — more on that in a later post.)

Robert is readying his own wiki for his show and blog.  He has choosen the program from Wet Paint. He tells Beet.TV he will launch this as early as this month.

To find out about JotSpot, you should check out Robert’s interview with CEO Joe Kraus on the Scoble Show.

Here at Beet.TV we are readying our own wiki and an amazing new, beautiful publishing platform.  Our transformation will happen in about a week.  Can’t wait to show you.

Andy Plesser