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Flash Video, a program developed by Macromedia in San Francisco, has become a ubiquitous program for online video. Forrester Research recently reported that Flash video players are in 95 percent of Web browsers.

It’s become the platform of the online video explosion. Some viewers of Beet.TV will be surprised to learn that Flash is the program of most video sites including YouTube, Google Video and many publishing sites, from CNET to the New York Times.

But Flash is not really downloadable — you can’t save the files to your iPod or PC. Apple and others have proven that downloadable video is growing in popularity. It’s something that consumers now demand. (Google Video allows some video files, if they are Flash, to be saved to PC and iPod as "Google Video File" or .gvi)

So the folks at Adobe (who bought Macromedia recently) are working on a new program, code-named Apollo. This new program will allow Flash files to be saved to digital devices. It’s going to launch sometime next year. We got our own little "download" this afternoon from Adobe’s Chris Hock at the Streaming Video West Show in San Jose.

Andy Plesser

Great Story On Copyright Protection Technology……

CNetNews.com’s Greg Sandoval has a must read article about copyright protection and technology that video sites are employing to filter unauthorized materials.  This is a critical issue facing the industry.  Interesting to read about efforts by MySpace, Gracenote, Guba and Revver. 

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