In September, Andrew Bourland launched a video blog of interviews with technology innovators called ZBIZ.TV  — around the same time the ScobleShow was launched.  Bourland laments the lack of traffic to his and Scoble’s vlogs, citing blog traffic metrics.  He demonstrates that Beet.TV is more popular than the ScobleShow. 

Bourland calls Beet.TV "my favorite videoblog"  — wow, thanks so much!

On his Scobleizer blog, Robert says that Beet.TV is kicking his a&&.

Well, for goodness sakes, it’s not true: Although page traffic to Beet.TV might be higher than the ScobleShow, not everyone who visits Beet.TV clicks on the video. Turns out only about 25% of visitors to my vlog click the video.

Not sure why, I think folks get information from reading the text and exploring links.  So maybe the video is something extra?  Maybe I shouldn’t explain the post so fully in text?  Not sure, but it’s really fun and I’m glad it’s finding an audience.  And, like Robert says, it’s the audience that counts.

I agree with Robert who writes about his ideal audience for his show: "I’d love to have the passionate ones. That’s who I do my show for."  Agreed. 

Andy Plesser

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