Here’s the second part of my chat with David Rittenhouse, a senior executive at Ogilvy who is spearheading advertising on new media platforms for agency clients including IBM.   

David is keen on CNET’s approach to online video as an effective platform for advertisers, notably IBM’s sponsorship of the CIO Vision Series on the ZDNet channel.

The series of video interviews with top corporate CIO’s are done by ZDNet Editor-in-Chief Dan Farber. (Who gets some nice props from David, by the way.)

In the interview, David also provides some helpful advice to independent content creators on ways to make money with advertising.  He talks about Google’s AdSense and Federated Media, the new advertising network put together by John Battelle.  We spoke with the company’s VP for Sales Chas Edwards a few days ago.

Andy Plesser

Coming Clean:  ZDNet and CNET Networks are longtime clients of Plesser Holland Associates, publishers of Beet.TV — and we’re proud – darn proud – of it! 🙂

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