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I had the extraordinary opportunity to interview William "Will" Randolph Hearst III at his office in downtown San Francisco on Friday.

Mr. Hearst is a former newspaper man one of the world’s most influential venture capitalists, long associated with Kleiner Perkins.  No longer a partner with the Menlo Park firm, he’s now based in San Francisco where he is investing in a variety of start-ups in the online video world including Akimbo, Revver, the The NewsMarket and others.

How poignant to speak with him about the evolution of the media business, just a few blocks from the Hearst building where his grandfather started the San Francisco Examiner in 1887. In our interview he talks about that history, the present time and where things are heading. This first clip (above) is an overview of the emerging online video world.

Hearst On Revver and Contextual Advertising

What can I say? I am so grateful to Mr. Hearst for his time and expansive thoughts. I am delighted to share this tape with you. 

Andy Plesser