We are always grateful to have time with Newsweek’s Steven Levy.  Kate and I were delighted that he came down to the Beet.TV studios on Friday to talk with us about about Apple, Steve Jobs (who he first met in 1983 when writing a piece for Rolling Stone) and, of course, the iPod.  The iPod was launched five years ago today.

Steven has a wonderful new book about the iPod called The Perfect Thing.  The book’s been getting some great reviews — here’s one from ZDNet Editor-in-Chief Dan Farber

The book is very "Shuffle-like" as the chapters are non-linear. In fact there are four versions of the book on sale, with chapters arranged differently in each. 

We’ll be posting more from Steven’s interview over the next few days. Check out his blog of all things iPod.   

Speaking of milestones, this post is number 150 for Beet.TV!

500 Liters of Exploding Mento-Laced Diet Coke Bottles to Blow on Google VideoThe first film by EepyBird was hosted by Revver which tagged on a post-roll advertisement to great success.  Well, the new clip is even grander, some 500 liters of Diet Coke in a chain reaction.  The clip will be hosted on Google Video this time. The "trailer" above, went live this evening. The debut of entire clip will go up next week.

Logo_video The big story here is not Google’s appetite (err thirst) for all content, but the introduction of a unique approach to post-roll advertising.  There has been virtually none up to until now.  You will find at the end of clip a transparent banner with a hyperlink to the sponsor promotion by Diet Coke.  Check it out and please leave a comment below.

Andy Plesser & Kate Lyon

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