Google “Wants all The World’s Video,” and File Size DOES NOT MATTER!

Click To Play All the world’s videos? That’s a lot of storage! We knew that Google Video had changed its user interface and video approval process just a couple weeks ago and we had some questions for Hunter Walk, a Business Product Manager at Google Video when I visited the Googleplex in Mountain View, Ca. […]


Robert Scoble Talks about the New Gig

After Beet.TV broke the news on Saturday night that Microsofts’s Robert Scoble (L) would be leaving for a job at PodTech, he returned to the Vloggercon conference on Sunday to talk about his reasons for leaving Microsoft and the opportunites that await him with John Furrier and the team at PodTech.  Here is a photo […]


Ethan Fassett Explains the Big Changes at Yahoo! Video

Yahoo! has just made some very significant changes to its video service. Seems to us it’s being set up with social networking in mind and has a great set of utilities to facilitate that. Ethan Fassett explains the new services, and addresses vlogger concerns about copyright and advertising.  These were issues on the minds of […]

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