New Interbrand Report: What The ‘Breakthrough Brands’ Are Doing Right

Ever heard of brands like Sennit, Glossier, VSCO or mymuesli? Interbrand cites these and dozens of others in its first annual Breakthrough Brands report because its Global CEO says marketers can probably learn something from these relatively young companies. “What we’re looking for is who’s going to be next,” Jez Frampton said in an interview […]


The Three Views You’ll Hear About Data, According To Annalect CEO

CANNES — Digital data, and the ability to harness it to better target advertising messages, is one of the greatest transformational forces in marketing. But the zeal with which executives are embracing the transformation reads like a menu of enthusiasm. Slavi Samardzija, global CEO of Annalect, the New York-based data analytics consulting and technology company for marketers, says: […]


Advertisers Are Thieving From Users, Too: Fox’s Marchese

CANNES — Is ad blocking theft? To publishers and advertisers who each depend on ads for income, consumers ripping out those ads can represent a kind of daylight robbery. But the new accusation of “theft” is harsh, and forgets that companies are also robbing from the very users they hope to reach, says one ad tech […]


As Media Currencies Change, Marketer Options Multiply: OMD’s Karo

CANNES – There’s no denying the plethora of consumer choices for viewing digital content. Concurrently, says OMD U.S. CEO Monica Karo, marketers and their agencies are anticipating having more ways to talk to those consumers. “It’s a confluence of a number of events happening at the same time,” says Karo during an interview with Beet.TV […]


Innovation & ‘The Machine’: Hewlett Packard’s Palmer explains

CANNES – “In our line of business, innovation is critical, is at the core,” says Winnie Palmer, director of digital marketing and media, EMEA, for Hewlett Packard Enterprise, which was founded in November 2015. Adhering to this line of thinking, HPE has committed to a research project called The Machine – Hewlett Packard Labs’ biggest project. “We […]


OMD’s Mendonca: Authentic Purpose Marketing Key To Brand Survival

CANNES – Purpose marketing that’s built into a brand’s DNA can mean survival or distinction, particularly when younger consumers are the targets. It’s one of the takeaways from all of the discussion at the Cannes advertising festival for OMD’s Nikki Mendonca. Credit it to the age of instant and viral digital communication. “Your brand is […]


To Attract Talent, TBWA Using Impact-Based Staff Review Metric

CANNES – Many people in the advertising industry are quick to bemoan high levels of turnover among younger employees. But not the president and CEO of TBWA\Worldwide. Given the rapid pace of consumer behavior and the ongoing melding of creativity and technology, Troy Ruhanen advises agencies to get used to filling open positions. “You have […]


Music Is the Perfect Marketing Companion, Pepsi’s Stubbs

CANNES – “Music is one of the easiest connection points with a consumer,” says Chad Stubbs, vice president of marketing for Pepsi Trademark, during an interview at Cannes Lions. “Wasn’t it an easier time when you could have one superstar, three networks and some TV and print, and you had the nation covered? Of course, that is not […]


Belief In ‘Better Ads’ Is ‘Self-Delusional’: Fox’s Marchese

CANNES — John Marchese has seen the future. It’s a world where consumers really like ads, and want to get more of them, because they enjoy interacting with commercial messages. That’s a world away from where we are today, says Fox Networks Group’s advanced advertising president. Because the truth is, consumers don’t really like ads at all. “We […]


DDB’s Wendy Clark: Intelligent Data is Key

CANNES — Data is a buzzword in the media business, and data is widely available. But data only works when structure is applied to it, says Wendy Clark, ‎CEO at DDB Worldwide, North America in this interview with Beet.TV. “Everyone has data, but it’s largely unstructured. The key is making it useful and structured. Making it intelligent. Data needs to […]


Native Ads Don’t Scale Well, Fox’s Marchese Says

CANNES — Across the industry, ad execs are coming to realize that integrating brand messages in to content could lead to better impacts, could even save an ad industry that is fast becoming concerned about a consumer revolt. Native advertising is becoming big business, and product placement is growing bigger than ever. The only problem? Developing an industry-wide […]


Cannes Panel w/ FOX’s Joe Marchese: Choosing Consumer Ad Choices And Other Dystopian Scenarios

CANNES – How many choices television and video content distributors should give viewers in return for fewer or no advertisements—and the various forms those choices can take—drew mixed opinions among a panel of buyers and sellers. If the session hosted by Omnicom’s OMD agency network elicited agreement on one thing, it is that consumers have been […]


Yahoo Steps Up Content Marketing Game With ‘Storytellers’ Offering

CANNES – Seems like all of a sudden, everyone’s a storyteller—brands and media companies alike. Not to be left behind, Yahoo Storytellers has made its debut, an effort the company’s Chief Revenue Officer dubs “story telling with an ROI.” In an interview with Beet.TV, Lisa Utzschneider says that as the result of Yahoo having offering […]


Anderson Cooper: People Should Consider The Sources Of Their News Feeds

CANNES – CNN anchor Anderson Cooper, who likes to tell “other peoples’ stories”—sans teleprompter—has some advice for a generation that has access to lots of information: take the time to learn where it’s coming from. Whether it’s the ongoing news story about the mass shootings in Orlando or the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, Cooper wants […]


CNN Chief Zucker: With Original Programming, Not Just A News Network

CANNES – Original CNN programs like “Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown” and “The Hunt with John Walsh” has given the network “an entirely new dimension”—along with a whole new audience and advertiser slate, says CNN Worldwide President Jeff Zucker. In an interview with Beet.TV, Zucker says that CNN “is a very different network than it was […]


Discovery Joins Fight-Back As Consumers Shun ‘Egregious’ Ads

CANNES — The growing visibility of online ad blocking, believed to be a response to excessive ad volume, is giving rise to advertiser worries about overly aggressive advertising across all media. Even TV is getting twitchy about viewers’ response to the way it programs advertising – something Discovery Communications ad sales EVP Sharon O’Sullivan says she has noticed. “With traditional […]


Don’t Be Greedy With Consumers, Says Resurgent PHD’s CEO Cooper

CANNES — By his own admission, the CEO of media buying agency PHD Worldwide says 2016 has been “pretty good to us” so far. The group has signed new contracts with Delta Airlines, Carnival cruises and recently won the business of the whole Volkswagen Group globally, having already worked for several of its sub-brands. Now at Cannes Lions, where his company is […]


Gwyneth Paltrow at Cannes Lions: Creating a ‘Resonant’ Brand

CANNES – “When the internet was kind of being born, I was doing a different career. But I was always really fascinated by it,” Gwyneth Paltrow said Tuesday during a panel about her company, goop, at Cannes Lions. Goop, which Paltrow said she thought up long before it became a brand, launched in 2008 as […]


OMD’s Winkler Wonders Whether TV Viewers Will Notice Ad Reduction

CANNES – Reducing the commercial load in television programming is “a heavy topic,” says the chief investment officer at global media agency OMD, and while he welcomes experimentation he wonders whether people will even notice. “There’s a lot of discussion here about having one fewer pod in an hour-long show,” Ben Winkler says in an […]


Fox’s Marchese: Giving TV Viewers Choices Makes Them Appreciate Ads

CANNES – Letting television viewers choose a reduced advertising load is overwhelmingly positive for Fox Networks, which offers a “choice card” whose most popular offering is an interactive, immersive ad instead of multiple ads. According to Joe Marchese, President of Advanced Advertising Products at Fox Networks Group, “over 80 percent of people will choose to […]

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