‘AI Has Been Explosive for Contextual’ Advertising: GroupM Nexus’s Adam Steinberg

Artificial intelligence technology is making contextual advertising – or placing ads next to content that’s most likely to get the attention of a target audience – more powerful as privacy laws limit how brands can use people’s personal information for marketing purposes. These limitations, along with concerns about brand safety and the eventual disappearance of […]


Contextual AI Empowers Advertisers With Customized Audiences: Annalect’s Clarissa Season

As consumers seek more control over how their personal data are shared with brands, marketers are returning to contextual advertising – or placing ads next to content that’s most likely to engage a target audience. This shift is occurring as advances in artificial intelligence fortify contextual signals. “Contextual AI can help influence consumer behavior in […]


Contextual AI Unlocks New Targeting Options and Insights for CTV Advertising

As digital ad identifiers have been throttled in recent years, many in the industry are looking back to contextual targeting. But, when the context is as limited as show descriptions, that may not be enough to power the depth of targeting many ad buyers want. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Jon Wallett, VP of […]


Contextual AI Enables Advertisers to Craft Personalized Stories: Zenith’s Adam Hancox

In a fragmented media landscape, advertisers face significant challenges in delivering personalized stories to consumers. However, contextual AI offers a powerful solution by allowing advertisers to stitch together a wealth of data and context from various sources. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Adam Hancox, SVP of Precision at Zenith, says he is excited because […]


Context’s Comeback: AI Brings Art and Science Back Together in Advertising

Once upon a time, it was the only ad-targeting game in town. But context in advertising was overtaken for a time by data, demographics and ethnographics. Now, with the deprecation of cookies looming, contextual AI is coming back to the fore, helping advertisers understand not just who their audience is but also the environment and mindset […]


Context Is King: Seedtag’s Goksel Uses AI To Create Privacy-Safe Targeting Signals

Traditional advertising methods are losing their effectiveness, as audiences shift away from old-school TV and toward connected TV (CTV), meaning advertisers face new challenges in reaching their target consumers. But Kartal Goksel, CTO of Seedtag, believes that contextual AI holds the key to unlocking the full potential of advertising in this new era. In this […]


Contextual Advertising Gains New Relevance in Cookieless World: Havas’ Vaish

As the advertising landscape continues to shift with the impending deprecation of third-party cookies, marketers are increasingly turning to contextual advertising as a way to effectively reach their target audiences. Contextual advertising, which involves placing ads in relevant content environments, has been around for a long time but is gaining new importance in the current […]