CANNES – Seems like all of a sudden, everyone’s a storyteller—brands and media companies alike. Not to be left behind, Yahoo Storytellers has made its debut, an effort the company’s Chief Revenue Officer dubs “story telling with an ROI.”

In an interview with Beet.TV, Lisa Utzschneider says that as the result of Yahoo having offering content marketing solutions for several years, marketers have asked for some refinements.

“We work with them now earlier in the process,” Utzschneider says. “We have a seat at the table, we’re ideating with them, creating with them and understanding their KPI’s and their goals to ensure that we offer a campaign that’s measurable and impactful to the consumer.”

The “amplified content marketing offering” that comprises Yahoo Storytellers mines more than 165 billion daily digital data signals to help brands identify consumer insights and inform what type of content opportunities they should pursue to reach their target audience. From a creative standpoint, the offering taps into leading journalists and Hollywood-pedigree creators.

“The way the activations happen, we typically create the content or partner with outside production companies, if we need to tap whether it be a Hollywood content studio or another studio,” Utzschneider says.

So what’s the definition of story telling with an ROI?

“What I mean by that is using data and analytics to really figure out what’s resonating with consumers,” says Utzschneider. “Because if you are able to demonstrate a lift in brand awareness or purchase intent, that’s a thumbs up that it’s working with consumers.”

This video was produced at the OMD Oasis at Cannes Lions 2016 as part of the Future of TV Advertising Leadership Forum, a series presented by true[X] and hosted by OMD Worldwide. Please visit this page for additional segments.