CANNES – “When the internet was kind of being born, I was doing a different career. But I was always really fascinated by it,” Gwyneth Paltrow said Tuesday during a panel about her company, goop, at Cannes Lions.

Goop, which Paltrow said she thought up long before it became a brand, launched in 2008 as a weekly online newsletter and has since grown to an LA-based company with around 50 employees – the majority of whom are women, she said.

“It’s had a long gestational period, really,” she said. “It sort of dictated over time what it is. I think the values of the brand were always intrinsic to me.”

The company, which Paltrow calls a “contextual commerce business” has evolved into a lifestyle and e-commerce site.

“If you’re really staying true to who you are and your vision, I think it does put good energy into the world.”

The panel was held at the OMD Oasis at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity and moderated by JD Heyman, deputy editor of entertainment at People.

Editor’s Note: During Cannes Lions, Beet.TV’s production will be based at the OMD Oasis.  Many thanks to them for their kind hospitality.