Facebook Fanbase Inspires MTV’s New Marketing Campaign.

When season one of MTV’s hit show Teen Wolf’s fanbase grew to almost one million, MTV’s marketing team decided to give the captive online audience a nudge in the right direction, with a digital ‘bridge’ strategy, says its Executive VP for Marketing and Multiplatform Creative, Tina Exarhos, in this interview with Beet.TV


comScore’s Media Evangelist: TV Shows’ Facebook Videos Are Dangling Carrots

TV shows that extend the offline viewing experience for audiences on Facebook, via video and “dangle the carrot,” are most successful in driving audiences to owned media, says comScore’s Media Evagelist, Eli Goodman, in this video interview with Beet.TV



LONDON – Mainstream news broadcasters are airing user generated content from Bambuser's live video service to bring audiences breaking news from areas of conflict that has restricted media access, says its Executive Chairman, Hans Eriksson.


Financial Times Video Chief: Video Is a “Shop Stall” For The Global Paper

LONDON – The Financial Times video offering is a sort of a “shop stall” for audiences who are less savy about the paper and a way to bring them into the fold, says Global Video Editor, Josh de la Mare, in this interview with Beet.TV


Facebook ‘Likes’ Lift Consumer Behavior, comScore Research Reveals

Exposure to earned and paid media on Facebook can change consumer purchase behavior, comScore's latest white paper, The Power Of Like,' finds.


Taboola’s CEO: Autoplay Works Best On Video Pages

Autoplay works best on video pages rather than article pages, say Taboola’s CEO, Adam Singolda, at Beet.TV’s recent video news strategy session.


“Voting Off” Shows Are Top Social TV Performers, Optimedia Study Finds

FOX's American Idol ranked top in Optimedia's fifth annual Content Power Ratings, which measures performance across televisions, computers, smart phones and tablets, says its Executive Vice President and Business Development Director, Greg Kahn, in this video interview with Beet.TV


News Execs: Publishers To Create More SEO Friendly Video Content

Increasing discoverabilty for online video, using metadata, will increase traffic and drive business opportunities forward say news publishers at Beet.TV’s recent video news strategy session.


Video News Panel: Online Shows More “Dressed Down” Than TV

Online video news does not need to meet the manicured production demands of television, says video news panel at Beet.TV’s  video news strategy session.


WSJ And Reuters: Online Video Content To Increase Brand Awareness

The Wall Street Journal and Reuters are leveraging mobile devices and reformating online video content to create a more streamlined brand of video journalism that audiences can identify with, says WSJ's Video Director, Rahul Chopra and Reuters' Head of Global Programming, Dan Colarusso, at Beet.TV's video news strategy session.


Newspapers, Wires and Cable Nets: Seeking an Editorial Niche and Business Around Online Video News

Online video broadens audience engagement and establishes print news organizations as a stronger competitor in local markets, but it requires a significant investment of time for consumers says a panel of news executives at Beet.TV's video news strategy session.


WSJ Digital Network GM: Syndication Generates Half of Video Views

Half of The Wall Street Journal’s video views are coming sites other than its own says Alisa Bowen, General Manager for the paper’s digital network, in this interview with Beet.TV


Clearstream Delivers Audio And Acoustics Analytics Of Video Streams

Chicago-based startup, Clearstream, launched new software, Clearview to help advertisers better measure the impact of online videos on target consumers.


Northwestern Prof Craig Duff: Journalists Need To Specialize

Journalism students need to learn how to specialize, while being able to adapt says Craig Duff, Journalism Professor at Medill Northwestern University, in this video interview with Beet.TV


SpotXchange’s Ad Skipping Service to Allow Consumers To Earn “Free Skips”

SpotXchange's latest ad skipping service, 'SkipIt,' which charges consumers a small fee to skip ads, will soon allow audiences to earn free skips, in exchange for engagement with a brand on its desired platform, says Michael Shehan, President and CEO, in this video interview with Beet.TV


duPont-Columbia University Awards, Now Open For Submissions

The duPont-Columbia University Awards, is soliciting submissions from broadcast, digital and documentary journalists covering stories in the public interest, says director, Abi Wright, in this interview with Beet.TV  


WSJ Social Media Editor: Structured Use Of Twitter Puts Him One Step Ahead

Using Twitter in a structured way, puts him one step ahead of the game says The Wall Street Journal's (WSJ) new Social Media Editor Neal Mann, in this video interview with Beet.TV


Reuters TV Shows Lead With Personality Driven Content

Reuters' TV shows will be more personality driven says Dan Colarusso, Head of Global Programming in this video interview with Beet.TV


MSNBC.com’s Exec Producer: Xbox LIVE Users Are Voracious News Consumers

Xbox LIVE users are more engaged with video news than MSNBC.com’s desktop audience says Executive Producer, Stokes Young, in this video interview with Beet.TV


CNET Debuts New Interactive Video Player

The Monday to Friday online tech news program, CNET Update, debuted a new interactive video player that produces real-time links to topics covered by the show, allowing viewers to read more on each story, while they watch.

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