Online video news does not need to meet the manicured production demands of television, says video news panel at Beet.TV’s  video news strategy session.

Reuters’ Head of Global Programming, Dan Colarusso and The Wall Street Journal’s Digital Network Video Director, Rahul Chopra, both agree that online video news differs from its traditional, more upscale big brother: broadcast news, seen at times, to recruit talent based on looks rather than journalistic ability.

They made their comments in response to former New York Times technology Editor, Saul Hansell‘s question regarding the merits of online versus TV talent.

In this video segment, the panel describes why the online platform, still largely unknown territory, will give rise to a new breed of talent.

While budget cuts may limit the scale of production, larger news publishers are taking out teleprompters, stripping down studios and dress codes, in hopes of engaging audiences at a more intimate level. Reuters TV, Colarusso explains, want its viewers to feel like they are eavesdropping on a reporter’s conversation.


Nitya Rajan