WSJ Social Media Editor: Structured Use Of Twitter Puts Him One Step Ahead

Social media guru, Neal Mann says, using new technology alongside Twitter is an excellent way of verifying tip-offs from followers, in this video interview with Beet.TV


IGN Broadcasts E3 2012 On Xbox LIVE

Global entertainment website, IGN, is broadcasting live coverage of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2012 on the Xbox LIVE for the first time says Peer Schneider, Publisher and SVP for Content, in this interview with Beet.TV


NewsLook, Syndicator of Video News

NewsLook syndicates online videos from some 50 sources, including the top news wires, niche producers  and independent video journalists, says founder Fred Silverman in this interview with Beet.TV


Cisco Forecasts Internet Traffic Will Reach 1.3 Zettabytes In 2016

Cisco‘s, latest report on internet network growth and trends, the Visual Networking Index Forecast (VNI) predicts that the Internet will generate 1.3 zettabytes of traffic in 2016.


Hearst CTO: Metadata Increases Audience Access To Online Video

Standardizing metadata and leveraging it across each aspect of the work flow, will increase the visibility of online video, says Michael Dunn, CTO of Hearst Interactive, in this interview with Beet.TV


Ovation Selects Kaltura For Video Management And Distribution

Multi-platform arts video network Ovation, announced Kaltura as its video management and distribution platform.


Boston Globe’s Moriarty on the Upside of Live Video

"Live video has a lot of opportunity for us," says Jeff Moriarty, VP for Digital Products, in this interview with Beet TV


App Developer ‘Screach’ Launches Digital Jukebox

The App developer, Screach Interactive launched its digital jukebox, 'Screach JukeBox' at TechCrunch Disrupt. It is a "real-time interactive platform designed to connect mobile devices to any content on any screen," says David Weinfeld, Chief Strategy Officer, in this interview with Beet TV.


Interactive TV Platform ‘Snooozy’ Engages Audiences In Real Time

Snooozy, the startup company specializing in audience engagement, launched new software to help television stations  interact in real time with its audiences. It is a format similar to American Idol and the X Factor, which can be deployed across local and national stations, says Belal Hummadi, Co-Founder and CEO, in this interview with Beet TV


Video Startup ‘Clinch’ To Launch Social Movie Making App

Video startup 'Clinch' will launch a new app that edits video footage and photos from multiple mobile devices to produce one full movie.


NBC News ‘theGrio’ Builds Audience with Original Video

theGrio, the NBC News unit which targets African Americans, has built a growing audience and revenue model with original video, says co-founder Barion Grant in this interview with Beet TV. Customized Web Video via Social Networks, the web/APP video platform, gathers and streams video from different social networks to create a customized one-stop-shop for online video, says Chris Kurdziel, Director for Business Development in this interview with Beet TV


Global Post Meets Growing Demand For Foreign News

Global Post, an online news site producing some 150 international daily news stories a day, across video and print platforms, is meeting a growing demand for foreign news says Solana Pyne, a senior Global Post Video Producer, in this interview with Beet TV.


New York Times Debuts Google+ ‘Hangouts On Air’ As Video Platform

The New York Times used Google+ ‘Hangouts On Air,’ streaming live video on its home page, YouTube channel and Google+ page for the first time. In this video interview with Beet TV, Alexis Mainland, New York Times Social Media Editor describes the on air feature as a “lightweight production tool with inherent social elements.”


VEVO Readies Slate of Music “Lifestyle” Programming

The music video and entertainment platform VEVO, will produce a host of new original shows maintaining a greater focus on the fans and their perspective of their favorite artists. 


Group M Chooses Buddy Media To Manage Social Media Ads

Group M, media unit of WPP, has selected Buddy Media's new social ad product 'BuyBuddy' to manage client advertising campaigns on platforms such as Facebook, the company announced today.


The New York Times Launches “Ricochet” – Viral Ad Tool for Marketers

The New York Times Company has released a new digital program called Ricochet, helping brands better meet audience needs by attaching advertising to Times content says Michael Zimbalist, VP of Research and Development, in his interview with Beet.TV

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