Sprint to Be First Digitas Client for Native Ad Distribution Partnership with HuffPo

Following Digitas’ NewFront announcement last month with The Huffington Post that they will partner to provide real-time content distribution, Sprint will become the first Digitas client for this native ad distribution. Sprint has partnered with IGN.com at this year’s Electronics Entertainment Expo to create a E3 VIP experience for those who cannot attend the event in LA scheduled for June 11 […]


Furious Minds’ CEO on the New Xbox One

With Microsoft’s May 21 announcement about the upcoming release of Xbox One, the successor to Xbox 360, CEO and Founder of Furious-Minds Ashley J. Swartz says Microsoft is clearly deploying an entertainment platform rather than a gaming platform. During the presentation, gaming wasn’t mentioned until about 30 minutes in when EA came on stage, Swartz […]


BlackArrow’s President: ‘Dynamic Ad Insertion Will Change Ad Models’

Early in 2013, the press announced that DAI – dynamic ad insertion – was enabled across nearly 30 million homes, mostly in homes serviced by Comcast or Time Warner Cable, says Nick Troiano, president of BlackArrow, the San Jose, California-based provider of advanced advertising technology for New TV platforms. This type of advertising provides the engagement metrics associated […]


SMG SVP: ‘Networks Have Wrong Idea about VOD’

Many television networks’ approach to VOD is missing the point, says Jonathan Bokor, SVP, director of advanced media for Starcom MediaVest Group (SMG), one of the world’s largest brand communications and consumer contact organizations. Boker says networks are looking at VOD like a full-episode player. “That’s really ignoring one of the principal advantages that VOD brings to […]


TubeMogul Seeks to Solve Viewability Issue

TubeMogul’s most recent initiative has been helping to solve the viewability issue for advertisers. By making the code open source and partnering with competitors, TubeMogul has been working to solve this problem not just for TubeMogul, but for the industry, says Brett Wilson, co-founder and CEO of TubeMogul. Last week TubeMogul, the California-based video ad technology company, announced a $10 […]


VideoNuze Summit Wrap Up with Furious Minds’ Swartz

Viewability, measurability and the viability of OCR are major topics in the online video industry. Ashley Swartz, CEO and founder of NY digital consultancy Furious Minds discusses these issues in her wrap up of the  VideoNuze Online Video Ad Summit in New York. “Engagement is a big part of what differentiates online video and digital from television, but […]


Innovid’s CTO on ‘TV Everywhere’ and Engagement

Although television is available almost everywhere today – tablets, PCs, connected TVs, gaming consoles and mobile phones – engagement and interaction, which advertisers value and measure, differs across those devices, says Tal Chalozin, CTO and co-founder of Innovid, interactive online video advertising leader. Chalozin says engagement is complicated from a technology standpoint. Innovid allows users […]


Nielsen, Videology Panel Discusses Improving OCR

Representatives from Nielsen, Videology, Altitude Digital and Xaxis spoke on a panel about targeting and ad measurement at the VideoNuze 2013 Online Video Advertising Summit and discussed how to improve OCR – online campaign ratings – to incorporate more real time options for publishers, says Richard Glosser, president of Hilltop Digital, who moderated the panel. […]


Yahoo! Incorporates Programmatic into Video Ad Strategy

This year in response to marketers’ objectives, Yahoo! is rolling out an audience-targeting offering and a contextual offering that features Yahoo! original content as part of their video advertising strategy – a strategy that will continue to incorporate more traditional tactics such as custom branded entertainment and program sponsorships, says Margenett Moore-Roberts, senior director of […]


Canada’s Rogers Media Expands Digital Video Offering

BOSTON – Using video content to supplement material of traditionally non-digital media, such as magazines, is increasing viewership, says Rob Adams, executive producer of multi-platform video for Canada-based Rogers Media. “There’s so many opportunities right now for traditional, non-television brands in the world of media to use video and to put it into their offerings,” Adams says. […]


Customer Demand Drives Creation of Haivision Video Cloud

Customer demand for content creation and consumption led IP video networking and digital signage leader Haivision to create their own video content management system – a core component of the Haivision Video Cloud, which was launched in April, says Chance Mason, EVP of Internet media for Haivision. After the acquisition of  encoding system KulaByte, the Montreal and […]


Magnet Media Makes Debut into Web Original Programming

Founded in 2000, NY-based production and marketing company Magnet Media, which has been involved in producing video creative and branded entertainment for companies like Google, Microsoft and Adobe, recently launched a next-generation content studio that will focus on creating web original series – Magnet Media Originals. Beet.TV spoke with Paul Kontonis, general manager for Magnet Media […]


Streaming Media Author Discusses HEVC Implementation

The benefits of H.265 aka HEVC are obvious – 4K video provided at an equivalent quality to H.264 at half the data rate, says Jan Ozer, who works with the Streaming Learning Center and is an author for Streaming Media Magazine. Beet.TV spoke with Ozer at the Streaming Media East conference where he was a moderator for […]


Bollywood Streaming Worldwide via “Spuul”

BOSTON – Spuul, a Singapore-based Netflix-like movie streaming service, is aiming to build the largest legal platform for Indian film and television content, says Michael Smith, Jr., chief product officer for Spuul. Spuul targets two audiences – people who live in India and people outside of India who love Bollywood, particularly those who have emigrated […]


Health Care Act to Drive Video Creation Around New Choices and Regulations

BOSTON – Sutter Health, a giant not-for-profit, Northern California-based network of doctors and hospitals, is using video  to communicate with the members and prospects about a range of health related topics from coverage to medical care and wellness.   With the Affordable  Care Act becoming law next year, Sutter and other healthcare providers are upping […]


New Programmatic TV Buying Platform Applies Digital Practices to TV

Launched in the first quarter of 2013, AudienceXpress, an automated sales platform for selling TV audience impressions, allows advertisers to focus on particular target audiences – but automates the process. We spoke with Walt Horstman, general manager of AudienceXpress, in our New York studio. Using the best practices of digital audience buying, the New York-based […]


Careerbuilder.com Uses Video to Unite Job Seekers and Companies

Careerbuilder.com uses video content as a tool to unite job seekers with hiring companies. Having recently begun offering video content on their mobile platform, the Chicago-based site has almost doubled their video views, says Patrick Moye, director of design, video and branding for Careerbuilder.com Careerbuilder.com, the largest online employment website in the United States, produces videos for their clients and recommends that […]


Cars.com Planning Live Streaming with New Brightcove Solution

BOSTON – With the launch of Brightcove Video Cloud Live, Chicago-based automotive classified site Cars.com is looking to bring live video feeds to the forefront of their site in the next year, says Eric Rossi, senior producer of multimedia for Cars.com. Currently, Cars.com produces around three to seven videos each week and amps up production during auto […]


Wellness Video Producer Finds Bliss with Paid Model

BOSTON —  Gaiam TV,  an online video wellness producer , has is finding success using a paid subscription model. Subscribers are paying  due to the variety of highly-produced, long-form content available, says Michal Lebowitsch, product manager at Gaiam TV. After a 10-day free trial, Lebowitsch says most users convert to the subscription service. Gaiam TV offers unlimited […]


Wendy’s Use ‘Photobucket Stories’ for Campaign

Photobucket Stories, a new feature on the recently relaunched Photobucket site, gives users a “digital canvas” on which they tell stories via photos, videos and text. The photo storage and sharing site has also had a couple brands use Photobucket Stories successfully, says David Toner, VP of marketing for Photobucket. Recently, Wendy’s began a campaign […]

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