Although television is available almost everywhere today – tablets, PCs, connected TVs, gaming consoles and mobile phones – engagement and interaction, which advertisers value and measure, differs across those devices, says Tal Chalozin, CTO and co-founder of Innovid, interactive online video advertising leader.

Chalozin says engagement is complicated from a technology standpoint. Innovid allows users to engage with content in the way the device intends.

“If you’re on a gaming console, you use your remote. If you’re on an iPad, you’ll use your fingers and you can interact in a similar way everywhere. But this nice thing is all the data is collected in a holistic way, so marketers can really look at engagement in an easy way and really see the value of their investment in the technology and investment in the creative,” Chalozin says.

We spoke with Chalozin during an interview with Ashley Swartz, CEO of NY digital consultancy Furious Minds and a regular contributor to Beet.TV, at the VideoNuze event in New York.