Early in 2013, the press announced that DAI – dynamic ad insertion – was enabled across nearly 30 million homes, mostly in homes serviced by Comcast or Time Warner Cable, says Nick Troiano, president of BlackArrow, the San Jose, California-based provider of advanced advertising technology for New TV platforms.

This type of advertising provides the engagement metrics associated with digital technology to the cable-based infrastructure, Troiano says.

“How I think the ad models will change will be determined based on who’s watching – which is a big area that we’re focusing on, which is segmenting users and consumers and who watches VOD – and not only who’s watching, but what are they watching? And is that long-form or short-form? And I think those two things together will help create some of the ad models outside of the traditional TV model,” Troiano says.

We spoke with Toriano during an interview with Ashley Swartz, CEO and founder of NY-based digital consultancy Furious Minds and a regular contributor to Beet.TV, at the VideoNuze Online Video Ad Summit in New York.