The benefits of H.265 aka HEVC are obvious – 4K video provided at an equivalent quality to H.264 at half the data rate, says Jan Ozer, who works with the Streaming Learning Center and is an author for Streaming Media Magazine. Beet.TV spoke with Ozer at the Streaming Media East conference where he was a moderator for the event.

“That’s pretty much established,” he says. “The big question is, what’s it going to take to implement it? When is it going to be implemented?”

Three companies are discussing these issues, Ozer says: Akamai, who works with distribution; MainConcept, owned by Rovi, who is creating a software encoder for HEVC; and DivX, also owned by Rovi, who will allow end users to support HEVC and will license consumer electronics vendors so HEVC content can be played back on BlueRay players, smart TVs and the like.

Ozer’s latest book, Producing Streaming Video for Multiple Screen Delivery, discusses new technologies like DASH, HTML5 and HEVC and is available on