Launched in the first quarter of 2013, AudienceXpress, an automated sales platform for selling TV audience impressions, allows advertisers to focus on particular target audiences – but automates the process. We spoke with Walt Horstman, general manager of AudienceXpress, in our New York studio.

Using the best practices of digital audience buying, the New York-based company incorporates audience data to provide advertisers with an audience-based, targeted approach that complements their traditional contextual-based buying.

“If you’re interested as a marketer in young men who are active video game players, we can post out on a daily basis how many impressions are being delivered in your campaign that have reach young men who are active video game participants,” Horstman says.

Already, AudienceXpress has delivered over 1 billion audience-based impressions and have launched 15 to 20 campaigns with national brand advertisers.  The company is an independently-operating subsidiary of Visible World.