BOSTON – Sutter Health, a giant not-for-profit, Northern California-based network of doctors and hospitals, is using video  to communicate with the members and prospects about a range of health related topics from coverage to medical care and wellness.   With the Affordable  Care Act becoming law next year, Sutter and other healthcare providers are upping the amount of video to educate the newly insured and to help others navigate the new regulations.

“When somebody goes to choose their provider, they can watch a minute, minute and a half video, hear the voice, see the face, get an idea of what the bedside manner of that physician might be in the hopes that that motivates them, brings them closer to their care provider, know that they really have a partner in their healthcare,” Hudson says.

The result is a much more emotional connection between community members and health professionals, he says. The majority of the content is in the form of  two- to three-minute videos, constituting a library of around 2,500 videos.

Beet.TV spoke with Hudson earlier this month at the Brightcove global customer conference in Boston.